BlissLife Press is home to its two founders Akasha & Christopher (now retired)

BlissLife Press is primarily involved in publishing and marketing all they create, as well as some like-minded friends.


Nan Akasha


Co-founder of BlissLife Press.

“A Fairy Godmother…”

I didn’t want to live. Each breath was a painful reminder… my arms were empty, my heart in a million pieces, my daughter was dead. Then a book fell off a shelf into my arms… I opened it, and the light that kept me alive was revealed.

I would not be here today if it were not for healers like Louise Hay and Alton Kamadon who shared their wisdom. Now I am on a mission to spread LightBody™ Healing and empower people to free themselves from the past and live their purpose.

Nan Akasha CHT, Dhom, MM, KM, LBHP is a “Fairy Godmother” according to her clients. A seven time #1 Best Selling Author. A master healer and hypnotherapist, and doctor of Homeopathy, Akasha has studied with Shamans, healers and masters around the globe to create her own unique blend.

Christopher Sherrod

Christopher Sherrod

Former Founder of BlissLife Press, now retired.

Christopher is a conscious entrepreneur with 22-year+ online business experience who loves to meditate.

He has written several books and courses.

We teach authors how to write their transformational book and publish their book. We drive ROI for growing transformational leaders using cutting-edge growth marketing and growth hacking tactics.

We also are a podcast producer and help you launch your podcast.

About BlissLife Press

Chris and Nan are a couple that love and live life full out. Firmly living their “Above all is Love” philosophy and fulfilling their spiritual purpose, they firmly believe books save lives, and that writing a book is one of the most transformational, healing, powerful and newsworthy things you can do in your life or business. Even though 85% of people in business say they want to write a book, only about 5% do. That is a secret success door…what an easy way to reach the top 5%, stand out with your own style and change lives! The average write takes about 8 years to start their book and another 8 to write it! Chris and Nan are here to make the deeply transformational journey of writing, publishing and promoting a book a fun, profound and profitable experience.

Nan Akasha and Christopher Sherrod

BlissLife Press Founders
Christopher Sherrod & Nan Akasha

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