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Living & Working Around the World
Nan Akasha and Christopher Sherrod

Join Nan & Chris, co founders of BlissLife Press, believe so strongly in the values of FREEDOM, SELF EXPRESSION, LOVE and HAPPINESS & TRANSFORMATION that they are living their own personal BLISS-LIFE!

Nan & Chris are on a journey around the world… They have given away all they own, even cars and a house, and are following their Bliss… their inner guidance, as it takes them on a mission around the world to spread the message to Live Your BlissLife and Express Your unique Message – because it will save lives. Follow the Mission to be in the flow, follow Bliss and stay present to the doors that are ready to open for beautiful experiences and to meet writer’s, author’s and change agents with the most mindful, magnificent and life altering messages to publish, promote and play!

Nan’s passion for doing intimate, transformational retreats has already birthed new workshops and private VIP opportunities to go to Paradise and create your book, products, or business plan. From the Mayan Riviera, to Bali or Barcelona, BlissLife will offer more retreats in Exotic locations, with beautiful experiences to expand your writing, your mind and your heart.

Nan and Chris are a couple that love and live life full out. Firmly living their “Above all is Love” philosophy and fulfilling their spiritual purpose, they firmly beleive books save lives, and that writing a book is one of the most transformational, healing, powerful and newsworthy things you can do in your life or business. Even though 85% of people in business say they want to write a book, only about 5% do. That is a secret success door… what an easy way to reach the top 5%, stand out with your own style and change lives! The average writer takes about 8 years to start their book and another 8 to write it! Nan and Chris are here to make the deeply transformational journey of writing, publishing and promoting a book a fun, profound and profitable experience.

Choosing to love yourself, be yourself and express yourself are the steps to a life of purpose, joy and impact. Choosing to share your story in a transformational book that changes lives and attracts clients and opportunities is a worthwhile quest and the BlissLife Team are here to walk the path with you. Writing a book is not easy, it’ll stir up the past and the pain and it’ll heal and humble you. It will help you to know yourself and what you do and why you do it so clearly, you will be able to tell anyone with ease and grace. A book is the best way to share your method, system, or philosophy. It is the best way to start a movement by inspiring, informing, connecting and empowering. A Book makes you credible, visible, newsworthy… and gives your ideal audience a taste test. A book lasts like a legacy, and takes ideas and stories that matter and creates an experience. Your book will save lives, starting with yours.

The only real, lasting change comes from new experiences. Create a new experience – write your book, come on a BlissLife retreat, start or grow a movement that matters and be a part of a movement to spread peace, prosperity and partnership worldwide. Join Nan and Chris as they combine work and traveling the world, discovery and exploration with spiritual expansion and adventure and continue to gather a worldwide BlissLife Community.

To uplift, heal, empower, love and transform myself, others and the planet through the highest intentions of Love, Respect, Freedom and Bliss.

About Nan and Chris
Christopher Sherrod

Christopher Sherrod

Entrepreneur, author, and co-founder of BlissLife Press.

Christopher Sherrod is a business guy with long hair who loves to meditate. He believes business has to be transformed through telling the truth and shaking things up.  Business owners and soul- based leaders all over the world seek out Chris for his unique take on how conscious, creative entrepreneurship can not only add to their bottom line, but change the world at the same time. He is the co-owner of BlissLife Press, helping creative entrepreneurs to launch their books through his paradigm-shifting profitable philanthropy publishing system.

Known as a multiple bestselling author and a prolific creative entrepreneur, Chris has been profiled, quoted or reviewed in dozens of publications including: Medium, Good Men Project, Fox Small Business, and CNN radio. When he’s not launching new businesses or helping authors get published, he can be found playing and producing music or walking on sunset beaches with his long-time partner Nan.

He’s published thru his business:

  • Conscious Love by Alain Torres with 11 love experts
  • Thoth Book of Magic by various authors
  • Be Love by Nan Akasha
  • Parenting With Love by his father Kent Sherrod
  • Already Rich by Nan Akasha

Both his published book are best sellers:

  • How To Create New Business Ideas Based On What You Love – top best seller
  • Podcasting Blueprint: Step By Step Guide To A Winning Money Making Podcast
  • From Microphone To Marketing – #1 best seller

And he’s been in 5 other best selling books:

  • Wrote the foreword to Kent Sherrod’s book Parenting With Love
  • Greg S. Reid’s The Way Out
  • Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits
  • Joe Vitale’s Expect Miracles
  • David Mathison’s Be The Media

– His clients pay between $5000 and $25000 for author and business advice.
– Helped launch American Express on the Internet in the mid 90’s
– Has launched hundreds of products since the mid 90’s
– Produces music for fun thru his artist name Chr1stopher.

Nan Akasha

Entrepreneur, author, and co-founder of BlissLife Press.

Nan Akasha is a born innovator, leading an emerging global movement with a mission to transform lives through books that raise money for charity and build a large client list and income for the author.

Committed to consciously evolve the way business is done, Nan is co-founder and creative director at BlissLife Press, an Award winning Transformational Book Publisher. Pioneering a new way to do business that makes good while doing good, BlissLife Press is helping authors, creative visionaries, and Conscious Entrepreneurs to get their message out with massive impact, influence and income.

Known as the “Secret Weapon” for breaking through blocks as creator of “High Income Hypnosis”, Nan has an “uncanny ability to get to the heart of what stops you”.

Nan Akasha CHT, is a six time #1 Best Selling Author of ‘Be Love”, “Already Rich”, and the upcoming “Live the Life Your Soul Intended”. An Artist, and Spiritual Teacher, Nan has created over 133 programs like “Flip Your Rich Switch™”, “Live Your Purpose & Fulfill Your Fully Funded Mission” and “Soul Channeling & FreeFlow™ Writing”.

Nan’s Sacred lightbody work transcends healing and frees you to live your fully funded mission. She speaks, leads writing and sacred retreats and travels worldwide to spread her message of peace, partnership and prosperity.