8 Advantages of podcasting, #6 is my favorite

By 2018-05-15 April 9th, 2019 News

I was talking to a potential client yesterday and she asked what the advantages of podcasting were.

Here are my top 6 advantages of being a guest on a podcast.

1. No travel cost

You can podcast from anywhere, literally from the beach if you want. (note to self I should do that). I would recommend a good microphone though. 🙂 But, seriously you don’t have to fly somewhere, get a rental car, stay in a hotel to speak on stage for 90 minutes. You can have your feet up and talk into a microphone.

2. Doesn’t cost you anything

It costs you nothing to appear on someone’s show. No more $30,000 speaking fees to get on someone’s stage. Just appear on a lot of podcasts instead for free.

3. Massive Visibility

That podcast that you are on will be everywhere. And people will see it, including other podcast hosts. It’s just awesome.

4. Instant Credibility

It’s like when I was on CNN radio many years ago, it’s instant credibility. The audience trusts that the host did their homework and brought on a good guest. You get an implied indorsement and it makes you an authority in your niche.

5. Bond with the audience

Podcasts are more personal than most media. Hosts are people without having to be on a big media network. It’s one-to-one with the audience getting to get a listen thru their earpods.

6. Connecting with the biggies

Sometimes being a guest or having a big guest on your show is can lead to knowing them outside the show. That could lead to future partnerships or deals.

7. Leads

You’re on the show giving great content and for the people that want to continue their journey with you they visit your offer that you mention on the show. And that leads to enrollment conversations and cash. Your presentation is your chance to present what you have to the best of your ability. Steer them directly to work with you.

8. Quick & Easy

Since you will talk about the same thing each time you are on a podcast it’s real quick and easy for you. You just get on the line with the host and talk. You can even give them beforehand questions to ask you. All you have to do is perform.

And even the tinest of shows have hundreds of raving fans listening.

The hosts (and their assistants) do most of the work. Guests just show up and answer question. It’s easy.

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