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Christopher Sherrod

Christopher Sherrod

Entrepreneur, author, and co-founder of BlissLife Press.

Christopher Sherrod is a business guy with long hair who loves to meditate. He believes business has to be transformed through telling the truth and shaking things up.  Business owners and soul- based leaders all over the world seek out Chris for his unique take on how conscious, creative entrepreneurship can not only add to their bottom line, but change the world at the same time. He is the co-owner of BlissLife Press, helping creative entrepreneurs to launch their books through his paradigm-shifting profitable philanthropy publishing system.

Known as a multiple bestselling author and a prolific creative entrepreneur, Chris has been profiled, quoted or reviewed in dozens of publications including: Medium, Good Men Project, Fox Small Business, and CNN radio.

Books by Christopher
How To Create New Business Ideas Based On What You Love – Amazon Best Selling book in it’s 7th edition

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Podcasting Blueprint: Step By Step Guide To A Winning Money Making Podcast From Microphone To Marketing – #1 Amazon Best Seller in US

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One #1 Amazon Best Sellers in the US and One Amazon Best Seller in the US

Nan Akasha

Nan Akasha

Entrepreneur, author, and co-founder of BlissLife Press.

Nan Akasha is a born innovator, leading an emerging global movement with a mission to transform lives through books that raise money for charity and build a large client list and income for the author.

Committed to consciously evolve the way business is done, Nan is co-founder and creative director at BlissLife Press, an Award winning Transformational Book Publisher. Pioneering a new way to do business that makes good while doing good, BlissLife Press has created the World’s first ‘Strategic Philanthropy Book Launch”. Helping authors, creative visionaries, and Conscious Entrepreneurs to get their message out with massive impact, influence and income.

Books by Nan

Thoth Book Of Magic: A Daily Guide To Manifest The Life Your Soul Intended: A Sacred Toolbox with Step by Step Guidance To Awaken Your Divine Purpose, Power & Path – #1 International Bestselling Book

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Be Love: 14 BlissLife Principles to Activate Instant Inner Peace, Strong Self Esteem & Real Courage so You Prosper in Full Color Happiness – #1 bestselling book

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Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind: Reveal Your Magnetic Wealth Vibe. BE Irresistible to Money! – #1 bestselling book

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Two #1 Amazon Best Sellers in the US

Rennie Davis

Rennie Davis

Rennie Davis was the coordinator of the largest coalition of anti-war and civil rights organizations during the Sixties and directed many of America’s most dramatic public events, including the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history. He was one of the Chicago Seven, described by The New York Times as “the most significant political trial in U.S. history.” He partnered with John Lennon to bring a million people to the Republican National Convention. During America’s most dramatic protest events, he stood at the eye of a Chicago Democratic Convention storm, watched on television by more people than watched the first moon landing. He was one of the Chicago Seven, described by The New York Times as “the most significant political trial in U.S. history.” He traveled to Vietnam to return American POWs back to their families. He partnered with John Lennon to bring a million people to the Republican National Convention.The Vice President of the United States called him “the most dangerous man in America.” When Time Magazine declared the Sixties Movement was finished in its cover story, Rennie Davis called for the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history. Joined by John Kerry and hundreds of Vietnam veterans who returned their medals won in Vietnam back to Congress, 100,000 people went to the nation’s capital to stop the institution of war with massive civil disobedience. A Washington, D.C. football stadium was converted into a temporary prison in an event described by historians as the decisive moment causing a U.S. President to realize he had to end the Vietnam War.

Books by Rennie

The New Humanity – A Movement To Change The World – #1 Amazon Best Seller

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#1 Amazon Best Seller in the US

Tony Kates

Tony Kates

Working for years at becoming an overnight success, Tony Kates seemingly came out of nowhere, to stake his claim on the personal growth industry.  Focused primarily on providing solutions around personal awareness, life and career alignment, and self expression.  His unique philosophies and strategies share the benefit of impacting every area of your life.  Tony believes we’re conditioned toward limiting our own capabilities.  “We’ve fallen victim to our own allowances.  Mediocrity is not acceptable.  The time is now for heroes to present themselves.”.  He has set out to prove a new average is within our reach.  A collected consciousness raising the bar far beyond where we ever dreamed possible.  

Refuze 2 Live Average” is his manifesto.   His own life was the platform on which he experimented and developed his curriculum.  “I woke up one morning and realized my entire life was a scam… But the main person I was scamming was me.  Traveling down an 8 year path of depression and self destruction, in my last moment of desperation, I saw a sign.  This simple little self defining moment became the catapult of a new mindset.  From that instant I began to willfully deconstruct my life.  Deliberately dissecting each thought, every memory, every intention.  Purposefully redesigning myself from the ground up.  Most importantly, my new life would be developed in alignment with my core.  I’ve taken all I learned and distilled it down into only the most effective techniques and strategies which were responsible for the majority of my transformation.  Now, I’m using this exact information to dramatically enhance the lives of men and women all over the world.”

Tony’s story is simple and relatable to everyone.  It’s easy to compare his struggles for acceptance and recognition to your own.  Though the details of his story may differ from yours,  the depth of his vulnerability will allow you to feel his pain and join in with his journey.  You will also share in his celebration of contentment and pleasure.  He carries you through his growth, offering you the opportunity to allow his victory to also become your own.

Books by Tony

Refuze 2 Live Average – The Universal Secret to Exceed Your Potential and Create a Life of Extraordinary Purpose Revealed! – #1 Amazon Best Seller

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Refuze 2 Live Average by Tony Kates

#1 Amazon Best Seller in the US and International Best Seller in 5 countries

10 Authors

Thoth Book Of Magic: A Daily Guide To Manifest The Life Your Soul Intended: A Sacred Toolbox with Step by Step Guidance To Awaken Your Divine Purpose, Power & Path

BlissLife Press got some manifestation experts together and they each wrote a chapter which we published and made it a #1 Amazon best selling book.

Authors: Nan Akasha, Luci McMonagle, Joia Jitahidi, Deborah Seidman, julie K. Ling, Terrea Lynn Hendrickson, Nini Rezai, Jayne Sanders, Sharon Joseph, Raquel Reyna

Come… enter a sacred world where you are the creator of your life, love, and income. This “Daily Magical Manifesting Manual” is encoded to vibrationally align you with your true purpose. Connect to the life your Soul intended through ten different sacred cycles of 30 day guided transformations. Your heart will sing as you open these beautifully designed pages and feel the love pouring from them. This is your sacred toolbox. It Includes colorful, sacred geometry energized Daily Journaling sheets and dozens of downloadable manifesting tools. Use it to dissolve, any pain, fear or block and connect to your purpose through loving step by step guidance. This manual is your ally, designed to awaken your Divine Purpose, Power & Path with more ease, grace and speed.

In this “GO TO” manual for manifesting, ten experts join the Egyptian God of Magic and Science – Thoth, to take you through a personal journey to create the money, love, happiness, and success you dream of. Thoth provides deeply transformational messages, that unlock the light within you. The key to happiness is to align with your Soul purpose, live with meaning and make a difference. This manual provides the keys to become aware, raise your vibration and step into your next level of consciousness so you can walk through daily challenges knowing your truth, easily seeing the opportunities and enjoying life to the fullest.

Thoth Book Of Magic: A Daily Guide To Manifest The Life Your Soul Intended: A Sacred Toolbox with Step by Step Guidance To Awaken Your Divine Purpose, Power & Path – #1 Amazon Bestseller in the US and Top 100 Amazon Bestseller in 5 countries

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Thoth Book of Magic

#1 Amazon Best Seller in the US and International Best Seller in 5 countries

11 Authors

Conscious Love: Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex 11 Love Experts Reveal Their Secrets

BlissLife Press got some love experts together and they wrote a chapter which we published and made it a #1 Amazon best selling book.

Authors: Alain Torres, Christopher MennéLucia Nicola EvansDeborah MoreheadLana BaumgartnerKristina ShumilovaDeborah NielsenJoni YoungDr. Sky BlossomsChristine DunnDr. Elena Estanol

Conscious Love Relationships On FIRE! Explore New Paradigms of Love in this Fresh, New Book with 11 Love Experts who Reveal Their Secrets to Conscious Love! What if the love that didn’t work for you was actually just the training ground for the conscious love you were really meant to have in your life? What if the heavy weight of a relationship that just isn’t working could be lifted off your shoulders forever? What if the cure to depression was as simple as passionate love-making? What if the way to connection was through conflict?

What if food, money and sex were all connected in unexpected ways? How would your life change if your dried-up old, non-existent sex life was suddenly wild, wet and rejuvenated again? What if the secret to the type of conscious relationship you’ve been waiting for all these years lay in the pages of this book … Wouldn’t you want to find out?

The system and paradigms around Intimate Relationships are changing. We are approaching a time in our history where massive changes in consciousness are challenging our visions of what is possible in relationships.

Men and Women are unsatisfied with themselves, with each other and with what they create together, and often, desperately unhappy as well. It is time for new paradigm thinking, and these soul-based experts in conscious relationships are leading the conversation. Get this paradigm shifting book and Get Ready to Open your heart, Lovingly Transform Conflict, Create a Sensual Connection with your Partner, Enjoy Sacred Sex and even Become a Power Couple!

Here’s just a sampling of our topics and experts; “Power Couples: Successful or Entrepreneurial? Learn the Secrets to Having It All – Work, Play, and Love” – Alain Torres “The Birth of the Sensual Foodist and the Kitchen Portal to Love” – Lana Baumgartner “Creating Connection through Conscious Conflict” – Deborah Morehead “50 Shades of Conscious Sexuality: The Cosmic Dance of Sex, Love, and Awakening.” – Christopher Menne “The Power of Authentic Relating”– Lucia Nicola Evans “Moving on from Love that didn’t Work Out” – Kristina Shumilova “In this Dance, Dance of Love”–Deborah Nielsen “Love, Success, and Philanthropy…You Can Have It All !!!”–Joni Young “How to Open Your Heart to True Love”- Sky Blossoms “The Quest for Conscious Love: A Lesbian Perspective” – Christine Dunn “Alchemy of Love: Find the Key to keeping your Bank Account Flowing, Your Body Glowing & Your Business Growing” – Dr. Elena Estanol “Conscious Love: Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex.

Conscious Love: Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex 11 Love Experts Reveal Their Secrets – #1 Amazon Bestseller in the US and Top 100 Amazon Bestseller in 5 countries

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Conscious Love

#1 Amazon Best Seller in the US and International Best Seller in 5 countries

Diane Currie Sam

Diane Currie Sam

Diane Currie Sam, MA (C. Psych), BSc. is an award-winning educator and business women. She is the founder/owner of Open Circles Solutions (dba “Be a Better Story”), an education and coaching company dedicated to bringing storytelling into business/marketing.

She is also an innovator in the retail products industry, having invented MoBoleez breastfeeding hats and launching them into hundreds of retail stores worldwide.

Not only is she a ‘story geek’ and well-known storyteller, she is also a self-professed “techie”, having launched her career as the founder and developer of two successful Canadian Internet/technology firms, Infinity Internet (aquired by Cyberion Networking Corp.) and Digital Ripple Services, helping clients worldwide develop profitable web sites during the heyday of the original Internet years.

She is also a family therapist and counsellor, having worked with women and families at Catholic Family Services and Fraser River Counselling Centre in British Columbia.

An engaging, award-winning course developer and adult educator, she is a former radio show host (yes, one of the “The CyberSisters” on the HomeBiz radio network) and a current mother of two. She has a Master’s Degree (MA) in counselling psychology from Trinity Western University, and a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of British Columbia.

Stop Starting at a Blank Page: How To Write A Speech That Will Change You, Change The World and Attract Clients Like Honey

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Stop Staring at a Blank Page
Luci McMonagle

Luci McMonagle

In 2008 I faced a serious life threatening health condition followed by a financial crisis and my life crashing. It was all so very surreal, I had my routine blood work completed and that evening I got a call from my new doctor urging me to go to the hospital immediately.

I was completely unaware that I was just 2 short weeks away from death and that going to the hospital was to receive two out of 6 different life saving blood transfusions. From there I had to have an emergency surgery and due to complications of the doctors placing me on iron I was left with Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in my legs. Unable to walk more than a few feet, I lost my job and co-ownership as a Chief Executive Director in home health care.

This was followed by the devastation of my financial adviser not paying attention to my accounts and lost over half my life savings in just a few months.

I was crippled physically and financially before I knew it and was devastated from the aftermath. It seemed I lost everything in the blink of an eye and my life as I knew it was over. My co-ownership and job ended, my marriage dissolved and I kept getting this notion to pick up my mat and go. I felt like I had no choice but to sell my house an all my possessions so I could get by long enough to find another job. This nagging feeling kept me searching for the answers of why this all happened to me.

It was after I moved long distance several times before I started to realize that my destiny had something very different in store for me than what I could have ever planned.

This destiny has created a deep passion for me to combine my serial entrepreneurship, education and spiritual seeking into being an Abundance Breakthrough Coach with the vision of creating a tribe of wealthy women, not because money is the end all be all thing, but because I know when women have more wealthy they give back to their world, they have better choices and opportunities and they are able to make an impact on the world.

It is this vision that my destiny is leading me to and it is this vision that allows me to use public speaking as my platform to reach ambitious professional and entrepreneurial women worldwide to empower them.

My secret genius is that I learned that conscious languaging will make you wealthy or keep you poor. And by listening to you, I can give you a good sense of where you will be heading and how to change it if that is not the direction you would like to go.

Books by Luci

Thoth Book Of Magic: A Daily Guide To Manifest The Life Your Soul Intended: A Sacred Toolbox with Step by Step Guidance To Awaken Your Divine Purpose, Power & Path – #1 International Bestselling Book

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Magical Money Manifestations – #1 USA Bestselling Book and International Best Seller in Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom.

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Magical Money Manifestations by Luci

Alejandra Crisafulli

Named Best Coach by The Corporate America’s, 2016 Boardroom Elite Awards, Alejandra Crisafulli has educated thousands with her revolutionary coaching methods. She is the Founder and Master Coach of Alejandra Crisafulli Coaching and Co-Founder of Naked Audience Productions. She holds over 16 years of experience in corporate management, coaching, training and development.  Alejandra is considered one of the pioneers of the coaching industry and has coached and trained clients across the globe.

Alejandra is well-known for her engaging and compelling style, custom designed coaching programs and her ground-breaking 180 SHIFT METHOD.  As a result, over 1400 coaching clients have achieved personal, financial and business success, reached their goals and created authentic lives.

Alejandra’s commitment to her own coaching practice and to the advancement of the industry is demonstrated by her investment in developing advanced methods, trainings and workshops. She listens to the needs of her coaching clients and training audiences and answers those needs by creatively designing innovative programs. Alejandra continues to be dedicated to being a powerful voice in the coaching movement.

When not coaching, Alejandra can be found enjoying the beautiful Southern California coastline with her beloved husband and daughter and their dog, Buddha. 

Upcoming Books by Alejandra

180 Shift Method Because Shift Must Happen: Revolutionary Coaching Program for The Ambitious & Overwhelmed

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Roni Diaz

Roni Diaz

I was a well known wedding planner for almost 10 years, I used to put together the most beautiful, and elegant weddings, everything was beautiful. I truly believed that I was living my ultimate calling, my true purpose of life, and I was here on this earth to help couples overcome any kind of obstacles and celebrate love, everything was around love, abundance and bringing people together.

At the same time I had this strange feeling inside of me, telling me that I had to follow my true purpose in life, I felt that weddings were getting into their final chapter in my life, it was a big surprise because all I knew so far was the weddings.

For my understanding when you do what you love to do, and do not feel like you are “working” and you enjoy everything, that is a sign that you were living your life’s purpose.   
I understood that the circle was heading to an end, but I refused to let it go. How could this be happening? So many things started to go wrong, I was making mistakes I didn’t even make when I started the business, suddenly it felt like everything was upside down, I got lost in my own world, and at the same time I started feeling this tremendous calling to search for my new calling.

Upcoming Books by Roni

Conversation With The Angel Of Death/Conversaciones Con El Angel de La Muerte – upcoming three book series in English and Spanish

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Tess Vergara

Tess Vergara

Tess Vergara awakens hearts worldwide through her unique coaching programs, books and teachings. An awakening coach and strategic interventionist, she shows men and women how the power of their heart can overcome anything. Her story of overcoming spiritual depression, neediness, betrayal and abuse to become the powerful healer and teacher she is today is an inspiration to many all over the world.

A master life coach, NLP practitioner, and an expert in higher awakening and self enlightenment, her teaching focuses on the clear and fearless “middle way” of the heart. She is the author of the upcoming book “Fearless Love, Unlocking the Power of your Heart” and lives free, and on her own terms, in California.

Upcoming Books by Tess

Fearless Love, Unlocking the Power of your Heart

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Fearless Love
Debora Seidman

Debora Seidman

Picture this: you’re walking along the edge of a river, in silence, your pen and notebook in your hand. You listen to the sound of the water. A hawk flies so close you can hear its wings.

You find a sun warmed rock and sit down to write. Your words flow as freely as the river.

This is one of Debora’s favorite ways to teach writing: outside, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world. But even on a phone session with a student across the country, she invites the earth into the creative process. She also invite the body’s wisdom, and the sacred presence of the soul.

When those elements are present, your voice flows with clarity, strength and brilliance.

She is an award-winning playwright and an experienced writing coach and teacher.

For over twenty years Debora has been leading body-centered, spirit-based writing workshops that help her students source their creative expression in a deep connection with their own body, the Earth and the Sacred.

If you’re called to write, you’re meant to write. If you need to find words for your creative vision, or to express the heart of your visionary business, the words you seek are waiting to find you.

But it’s easy to get scared, stuck, or bogged down by the negative voices inside that tell us we’re not good enough to write.

That’s why Debora emphasizes a holistic approach to writing. Creativity is your birthright, but most of us were never taught how to live as free creative souls. She cares deeply about helping writers have a healthy relationship with writing. Whether she is helping you finish your memoir or craft your first blog, she teaches a program of Radical Self Care as part of the writing process.

Upcoming Book by Debora

Soul Writing Journey to Come Home To Your Body and Your Voice  [title in progress]

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Kent Sherrod

Kent Sherrod

Retired Air Force pilot and sales person that wanted to share his philosophy on raising children. Father to Christopher Sherrod co-founder of BlissLife Press. Kent’s book was the catalyst for Christopher focusing his company to publish transformational books.

Books by Kent

Parenting With Love: How To Raise Emotionally Stable Children – #1 Amazon Best Seller

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Parenting with Love by Kent Sherrod

#1 Amazon Best Sellers in the US

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Alain Torres

Power Couples Coach, Co-Author of Conscious Love

Roni Diaz

Author of Conversations With The Angel Of Death – Forthcoming book


“7 Profitable Reasons to Write a Book”