“7 Profitable Reasons to Write a Book”

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Alejandra Crisafulli

Named Best Coach by The Corporate America’s, 2016 Boardroom Elite Awards, Alejandra Crisafulli has educated thousands with her revolutionary coaching methods. She is the Founder and Master Coach of Alejandra Crisafulli Coaching and Co-Founder of Naked Audience Productions. She holds over 16 years of experience in corporate management, coaching, training and development.  Alejandra is considered one of the pioneers of the coaching industry and has coached and trained clients across the globe.

Alejandra is well-known for her engaging and compelling style, custom designed coaching programs and her ground-breaking 180 SHIFT METHOD.  As a result, over 1400 coaching clients have achieved personal, financial and business success, reached their goals and created authentic lives.

Alejandra’s commitment to her own coaching practice and to the advancement of the industry is demonstrated by her investment in developing advanced methods, trainings and workshops. She listens to the needs of her coaching clients and training audiences and answers those needs by creatively designing innovative programs. Alejandra continues to be dedicated to being a powerful voice in the coaching movement.

When not coaching, Alejandra can be found enjoying the beautiful Southern California coastline with her beloved husband and daughter and their dog, Buddha. 

180 Shift Method Because Shift Must Happen: Revolutionary Coaching Program for The Ambitious & Overwhelmed

The S.H.I.F.T method is a revolutionary coaching program for ambitious strong individuals in business who have tried it all.  Wanting better results in not just their business, but also their life. Yet, they still feel lost, unsatisfied and still overwhelmed. Not only are they failing in their projected business growth, but in their personal life as well.  

Frustrated with the current pace of success and managing in crisis mode the majority of the time, Alejandra Crisafulli’s trademarked coaching method defines greater results. Her revolutionary techniques break through the glass ceiling that

is holding entrepreneurs back. Implementing her business background and coaching expertise, she reveals NEW tools

that come from integrating both proven practical tools and metaphysical sciences, while focusing on the business

objectives and through understanding the powerful most tool of all…YOU!  

This isn’t the typical generic “business advice” coaching where you walk away feeling unsatisfied. Alejandra’s unique approach comes with innovative opportunities to create real results with a whole new portal of possibility. Working

with entrepreneurs who have the unshakable desire to change for the better.

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“7 Profitable Reasons to Write a Book”