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BlissLife Press Author
Christopher Sherrod

Christopher Sherrod

Christopher Sherrod is a business guy with long hair who loves to meditate. He believes business has to be transformed through telling the truth and shaking things up.  Business owners and soul- based leaders all over the world seek out Chris for his unique take on how conscious, creative entrepreneurship can not only add to their bottom line, but change the world at the same time. He is the co-owner of BlissLife Press, helping creative entrepreneurs to launch their books through his paradigm-shifting profitable philanthropy publishing system.

Known as a multiple bestselling author and a prolific creative entrepreneur, Chris has been profiled, quoted or reviewed in dozens of publications including: Medium, Good Men Project, Fox Small Business, and CNN radio. When he’s not launching new businesses or helping authors get published, he can be found playing and producing music or walking on sunset beaches with his long-time partner Nan.

Both his published book are best sellers:

1. How To Create New Business Ideas Based On What You Love – top best seller

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Podcasting Blueprint: Step By Step Guide To A Winning Money Making Podcast From Microphone To Marketing – #1 best seller

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And he’s been in 5 other best selling books:

  1. Wrote the foreword to Kent Sherrod’s book Parenting With Love
  2.  Greg S. Reid’s The Way Out
  3. Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits
  4. Joe Vitale’s Expect Miracles
  5. David Mathison’s Be The Media
  • His clients pay between $5000 and $25000 for author and business advice.
  • Helped launch American Express on the Internet in the mid 90’s
  • Has launched hundreds of products since the mid 90’s
Books By Christopher Sherrod

Amazon Best Seller in the US

How To Create Business Ideas is a step-by-step guide to creating new business ideas based on what you love. Inside you’ll play games that will create a business that you’ll love because it’s based on what you love.

The author Christopher Sherrod had difficulty getting a business to work until he did one based on what he loved to do. These games helped him figure out what to do.

“Wonderful non-judgmental setting for safe brainstorming and masterminding. The group energy is loving and upbeat. A delightful evening of creativity, support and sharing.”
Joe Vitale, Wimberley, TX –

“Playing Prosperity games was a truly inspiring experience! Not only was it a ton of fun, it was also incredibly powerful. Ideas I NEVER would have conceived of came out and the process was easy. I had as much fun helping others brainstorm their ideas, as I did creating over 5 new ones myself! Play now!”
Nan Akasha –

Below are the areas Christopher cover in his book:

1. The Play Prosperity Games Steps
2. How to explore your world for ideas that are all around you
3. Cleansing techniques to make yourself open to the perfect idea
4. Banking your ideas and how to rank them and pick the perfect one to do
5. 26 games to create the next million dollar+ idea including Prosperity Scramble, Internet Keywords Match, Bookstore Browsing, Friends Complaining, Asking, Indexes, Mind Maps, Brainstorming, Mastermind Groups, Dinner Parties (a lot of fun too), Reverse Scramble, Attribute Listing, Dividing, SCAMPER (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Magnify, Modify, Put To Other Uses, Eliminate, Rearrange, Reverse), Parameter Box, 5 Year Plan, Board of Directors, Talk to Strangers, Relaxing , End Game, Murder Board, and Opus
6. Plus a special bonus for readers

Christopher Sherrod provides you the keys to unlock your truly passionate business in How To Create New Business Ideas.

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#1 Amazon Best Seller in the US

Are you ready to launch your podcast? Learn from Christopher Sherrod the producer of a top podcast. With his podcast friends they created this book to show you everything you need to know from microphone to marketing.

This is the blueprint to create your own winning money making podcast.

In Podcasting Blueprint, Christopher shares how he launched “Bliss Streaming”. Christopher shares his journey with complete transparency so you can emulate his successes and avoid his failures.

Podcasting Blueprint explains:
What is a Podcast? Why is Podcasting exploding. Interviews of top podcasters and their various business models and production techniques.

Omar Zenhom of
John Lee Dumas of
Jack Mize of
Nan Akasha of
Shannon Hernandez of
Kate Erickson of
Gary Ware of

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What Others Are Saying

For How To Create New Business Ideas

“What is a Prosperity Game?

It is an incredible and simple way to expand what is possible in your life – and which brings the best parts of your skills and natural ability – and helps you to possibly discover ideas which make money.

The style of the author is like talking to a friend. If you can keep in mind that you are having a conversation with a person who really wants you to succeed through your natural abilities – then you will love this book.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this book is that there are exercises called “Prosperity Games” which help you to expand what you think is possible in terms of ideas that could lead to wealth. Some of these games will feel more natural to you than others, but I would recommend trying them all out.

The reason is that some games which are unfamiliar to you, or feel strange, might cause you to think differently – which is something the author points out we need to do.

I also like that there are suggestions that are not related to business. I do believe that Traveling, and being more open in how we talk to our friends, in fact just improving how we listen can lead to tremendous prosperity.

The book gave me one or two really helpful ideas, introduced me to some great references, and is something I can come back to over time and try out the Prosperity Games whenever I feel stuck.

If you do buy the book – read the full thing, relax, and follow the exercises all the way through.”

“A little book with a lot of valuable information, tools and YES great games to shift your mindset, amp up your creativity and get going on a new idea for fun or profit. This is an easy read which I liked as with any game we want to get past the instructions and on to the game. However, the techniques discussed and references given to go much deeper in expanding your creativity and breaking down any barriers you might have to your own prosperity or confidence are worthy of more time and exploration. I have used many of them with great results.
On to the games. They are fun and simple and can be done on your own or in a group. I did one a few months back and it gave me some new ideas and is definitely worth repeating. I plan on having some friends over to play some of the other games and we each can get feedback from the group.
There are also practical tips to check out the viability of your idea before taking that leap of faith. I think this would be fun to do with my teenage grandson and some of his friends as well. Planting some entrepreneurial seeds at a young age has got to be a good thing.
Thanks Chris!”

“Hi Chris, Just bought your book on a whim today, while having a case of writers block. It’s a great read, easy to follow, and full of practical exercises that are fun. Your personality shines through, so does your real world caring about what you are sharing. So I used 2 of the methods in the book, and I’m ready to get back in my game again, with plenty of new juice and ideas. Keep up the good work mate, and raise the price a few bucks, it’s well worth it. Mr Twenty Twenty PS: You asked for reviews, to help you improve the next edition. Why not just make this a series, How to Create Marketing Ideas? How to create when you have writers block? This book is great as is. Start a series, and spread the word.”

For Podcasting Blueprint

“This book is not a technical ‘push this button then push this button’ type of book – but rather a book that assisted me with strategic thinking and planning for creating a podcast. The best part of this book is the interviews Christopher conducts with a variety of successful podcasters. The questions he asked made me realize what I need to be thinking about with regards to creating a podcast. The answers provided by the podcasters guided me in understanding the direction I would want to take in developing a successful program. It came together to make this a great exercise in conceptualization – or as the book title suggests – creating a blueprint. The end of the book implies that additional stories may be forthcoming. If so, I greatly welcome that.”

“Insightful and helpful!”

“This book is just what I needed! It tells you everything you ever wanted to know about podcasting! It tells you how to start podcasting, how to sound good, how and where to market your podcasts and so much more information that is needed for anyone who podcasts and wants to reach more people!”

“One of the best book I read. Thank you”

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