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Conscious Love: Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex 11 Love Experts Reveal Their Secrets

BlissLife Press Co-Founder Christopher Sherrod enlisted Alain Torres to gather 10 other conscious love experts to each write a chapter on what conscious love meant to them.


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Alain Torres

Alain Torres – Lead Author

International bestselling author Alain Torres empowers world-renowned power couples – the alpha leaders, big picture thinkers, and spiritual truth seekers – to finally move beyond their power struggles so they can get out of their own way and be the powerful leader they’re meant to be within their business, personal, and intimate relationships.

In his signature 6-step process called the Power Formula, Alain reveals what’s needed to show up in integrity and stay on purpose in the modern game – how to authentically live your highest potential while understanding the depth of yourself – the good, bad, and badass parts of you.

For over ten years, he’s helped strong personalities, like you, successfully hold for their partners as they find their real and concrete truth, becoming the best version of themselves.

With his degrees in Communication and Psychology, as well as training in NLP and NVC, Alain’s strength now lies in building your self-mastery skills as you let go of the past and open up to trust and vulnerability – harnessing the full potential of your power.

Lana Shay

Lana Baumgartner

It was 39 minutes before the performance at the National Miss American Coed Pageant, and her stomach rejected breakfast. While hugging the toilet, Lana confessed to her mother that she was too nervous to perform. This moment was a clear indication that Lana wasn’t destined to take a conventional route to the stage.

Two decades later she took on a more fitting role as a body paint model, and was internationally recognized in just one year. Armed with over twelve years of dance and yoga training, she appeared on GSNTV’s Skin Wars, with professional contortionists. Months earlier, she appeared on the stage of the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, as a contestant of the notorious series, America’s Got Talent. Lana has now been featured on ABC News, Business Insider, MSN, The Huffington Post, New York Daily News and numerous other international publications.

While the limelight was on, Lana was balancing another act. Literally. In 7 inch stilettos. Lana graced gentleman’s clubs across America for 9 years as an exotic dancer, eventually taking on the stripper mecca of Las Vegas. Meeting with so many personalities in this intimate environment, she pretty much earned a Master’s in Psychology (minoring in Male Psyche) via the school of life experience—building a constructive rapport with a host of diverse clientele.

Physical and mental exhaust eventually resulted from what felt like a marathon performance. Lana was confronted with the despair of living inauthentically. She sat down to dinner with close friends, one being Mina Shah; former Peak Performance Strategist for world-renowned life coach Anthony Robbins. Mina offered Lana a stern reality check, and asked “Why aren’t you teaching people about health?!” Noting that this was Lana’s deepest passion and expertise.

The “Sensual Foodist,” was birthed through decades of emotional struggle, as Lana faced her closest friends and family suffering with cancer and other life-threatening conditions. She has lived her life determined to break the cycle of disease and dysfunctional relationships in her family. Lana advocates sustainable practices in the kitchen, with sensual AKA real food, as a catalyst for igniting the senses and a conscious relationship. She advises fully experiencing the pleasure of life in the human form, while encouraging couples, and aspirants alike to embrace a passion for living a conscious lifestyle. She proudly attributes her skill of keeping the kitchen fun, sexy and flirty to years of perfecting the art in stilettos.

A few of Lana’s current endeavors include private sensual kitchen workshops, finding a way to end the manufacturing of plastic products, Recovery Coaching, and experiencing new paths to sensual pleasure through food, to share with fellow pleasure seekers.

Debbie Morehead

Deborah Morehead

Think you have relationship issues? How about being stood up on your 30th birthday by your drug addicted boyfriend and chasing him down at a local bar. In the past, Deborah settled for SUCKY relationships. The last straw was when her boyfriend stole the VCR for drug money (the one she had borrowed from her father).

Deborah knew relationships didn’t have to be like this. She struggled for years being in relationships the only way she knew how, repeating the same painful patterns. She was determined to figure out this relationship stuff. And, she did. Now, Deborah is an international highly trained leader, expert therapist and successful teacher with more than 20 years of expertise in the business of helping people.

It doesn’t have to take years for you to go from embarrassingly sucky to amazingly wow relationships. For Deborah it took moving to another state, a master’s degree, a new career as a therapist and some of her own personal therapy to bring relationship freedom into her life.

As a woman of passion and purpose. She knows that people can start living a life of freedom, a life that can be truly abundant and full of joy when it comes to relationships. She is living proof herself and now with ease and speed helps people reach this place in their lives too.

Deborah uses her unique gift of looking right into your heart, knowing you almost better than you know yourself, recognizing your core needs and helping you transform yourself and your relationships into a life you truly desire.

As Vice President of one of Los Angeles County’s largest non-profit mental health agencies Deborah gained strengths and expertise working with some of the most vulnerable clients in LA County. For fifteen years she administered various programs working directly with severely mentally ill youth, and their families, who were placed in foster care all while maintaining a thriving private practice as a therapist.

A teacher at heart Deborah has taught Marriage Family Courses at University of Phoenix as well as teaching elementary and middle school. Continuing her love of teaching, she developed and lead diverse workshops and trainings for clients and company staff. She has presented at national conferences and participated in and co-chaired countywide committees to improve county practices.

Deborah has appeared on local NBC, CBS and Fox stations numerous times regarding her extensive work on creating the life and relationship you truly desire.

Hopefully you weren’t chasing someone down on your 30th birthday but whatever sabotaging and painful relationships you find yourself in – YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY THERE! You don’t have to struggle in your relationships. You have the power to change your life and relationships. Join Deborah and her extraordinary Happy Relationship Success System to help you get your very own Amazingly Wow Relationships.

Lucia Nicola

Lucia Nicola Evans

Lucia is in tune with Universal Truth and Harmony. She brings Presence, Depth, Love and Playfulness wherever she goes. She is passionate about love and empowering others to love more. She radiates Authenticity and enjoys expressing her True Self in a variety of creative and innovative ways. Lucia takes time to feel into things. She listens deeply from her heart and acts from her inner guidance where she is able to make decisions that are in alignment with her inner knowing.

Lucia’s healing has been a journey of deep soul discovery and mind training. The challenge in her early years reached a peak with the diagnosis of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 14. Over more than a decade through her determination, perseverance and belief in herself, Lucia was able to heal herself. Because conventional cures were ineffective, Lucia was led to alternative ways of healing. She learned that she needed to listen to her own authority for the cure. In order to accomplish this, she went on a journey of self discovery, where she turned inward to get in touch with the source. She discovered the core issue – lack of self-love, acceptance and self-expression.

As an Empath and an Intuitive, Lucia feels intensely. Due to her past frustrations around not knowing how to express how she truly felt, Lucia learned effective heart centered communications skills. She has not only realized how to communicate from her heart, she now knows how to differentiate her feelings from those around her. She has developed awareness to embrace feelings on a wide spectrum, from despair and fear, to love and bliss. As a result, it is safe for her to voice her true feelings.
With her acute awareness and empathic skills, Lucia has learned how to hold a safe space for others to explore the depth of their suppressed feelings using the Power of Authentic Relating. She knows Authentic Relating is vital for our growth as individuals, and as a species – keeping us in touch with what is real.

Lucia has guided many people and continues to guide people through their own healing process. She is gifted at seeing each person from a Holistic perspective. As an author in the book, “Conscious Love”, Lucia shares how living Conscious Love is so important. By holding a space of presence for people to become aware in how they Relate, there is more opportunity to live Conscious Love. Lucia has always been interested in bringing more truth, inspiration and love to the world. She has committed her whole life to understanding relationship dynamics. Lucia practices the Ancient Art of Aikido, to help her harness her power. Aikido goes beyond resolving physical conflict, into the experience and embodiment of Harmonizing Universal Love. What makes Lucia feel happy and fulfilled in her relationships is being present, listening from her heart, and making time for Authentic Relating. As a Relationship Alchemist and Spirit Guide, she facilitates healing circles in Vista California and does presentations on the Journey of Self Love.

Lucia was born in England and moved to the US in 1992. She has a BA in Psychology and is a Certified Massage Therapist. With more than 15 years of experience in the healing profession, practicing massage, coaching, and through deep self-inquiry, Lucia has the hands-on experience, wisdom and insight to follow your thread of consciousness in order to get to the root cause of each imbalance in your system. You can contact her by email at [email protected]

Deborah Nielsen

Deborah Nielsen is a pain navigator, hope builder and love facilitator; empowering her clients to find their core self. In both the Dance of Love and the Dance of Life, Deborah invites those who work with her to practice more compassion for themselves and the people they love. She encourages infusing conscious compassion into all relationships, and utilizing one’s inner compass of intuition and insight. This is the groundwork for enjoying the dance of communication, gradually incorporating, melding and merging, more compassion and insight, which can deepen intimacy and build resilience and contentment within the dynamic Dance of Love. We co-create this Dance of Life in conscious, loving practice.

Deborah sees through the lens of wholeness, core character and purpose. As a survivor, herself, she has moved through trauma, to greater peace, purpose and passion., She believes that even if we feel broken, we can restore and build resilience and greater wholeness. Recognizing that, ‘you are more than your experience, more than your pain,’ Deborah guides her clients to dive deep into their pain in order to remove obstacles. When her clients resurface, and redefine their purpose, they are able to live with more peace and passion. they are stronger, clearer and more empowered, and are better able to hold love for self and others. From this place of clarity, they can begin to create sustainable, collaborative, love partnerships.

Deborah’s children, now grown men, have been an inspiration and a source of pride and joy in her life. She has found her true match, love partner. Together they love to dance and hike. In both her work, and her life, the themes, the ‘Dance of Life’, ‘Building Resilience’, and the ‘Dance of Love’ are prominent. She loves to guide others in their healing process, and provide training and mentoring. One of her passions is facilitating self love and loving, collaborative partnership.

Deborah is a Licensed Psychotherapist, EMDR Certified Therapist, and EMDRIA Approved Consultant. In her practice, she incorporates evidence based, neuro-pathway building EMDR, with mindfulness approaches and Art Therapy. Deborah Nielsen is known for her dynamic balance of compassion and fierce courage. She acts as a guide for getting obstacles out of the way, so one can be free to develop greater insight and compassion. Once freed, her clients can then resonate with their core character, and are in a better position to ‘Be in the Dance of Love’.

Chris Menne

Christopher Menne

Applying a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, Chris Menné is committed to serving the development of higher-consciousness through direct teachings, coaching, and counseling. Empowering individuals to create satisfying, conscious, intimate relationships, which support spiritual awakening, is one aspect of his work.

Joni Young

Joni Young is a CEO mentor, international entrepreneur, author, speaker, philanthropist, and real estate investor. More significantly, she is a happy wife, a proud mother, and a spirit-driven servant of God. Joni is the Founder and Chairman of Joni Young Global and She Leaders United.

Joni Young Global is an international consulting firm. Joni and her team work in a customized manner with CEOs’ and top leaders of high performance companies.

She Leaders United is a global organization on a mission to serve as the bridge of resources. Its purpose is to empower and form collaborations among women entrepreneurs worldwide to support the fight against breast cancer, domestic violence, and sex trade in SE Asia.

Previously, Joni served as the CEO of a $20 million international company which she built from the ground up. She took her team through the storm during the 2008 economic crash and grew the business exponentially, all while encountering breast cancer with surgeries and chemotherapy treatments.

Joni’s life-long practice of servant leadership blossomed as a young immigrant from Taiwan. She launched her first cash flow business at age ten without speaking English when driven by a relentless desire to help her family through the financial struggles. Joni moved on to win many top producer awards while building her direct sales businesses. After college, she pursued a career in law as a result of a cultural belief that only doctors/lawyers/accountants/engineers are “real careers.” Joni worked as a senior litigation paralegal for several years while going to law school in the evenings. When faced with the reality of her true passion in entrepreneurship, she turned to real estate. She sold 19 homes in one month and developed 600 homes in 6 years handling over $380 million in transactions. Then Joni moved on to financial services and was known as the top producer with 102% closing ratio. Simultaneously, she also became the most sought after elite sales trainer that took her around the country to conduct trainings for small groups in conference halls up to 50,000 people in auditoriums.

Although regarded as an entrepreneurial expert and warrior, Joni has a very tender and soft heart. Her life’s mission has always been to serve her loved ones, to lead with global causes, and to live each day being happy and in love. She embraces in the freedom that stems from her kindred relationship with God, who ultimately is the director of her why, give, and ask.

Joni has a love story that demonstrates fate in real time and faith in motion. She shares her eventful life with her husband who is also her best friend. Together they’ve journeyed through the darkest of dark time and reached the highest of high point. They have traveled the world to conduct businesses and to help the poor and needy. They consciously live in a beautiful unity of falling in love with each other everyday.

Joni thrives on building business success for entrepreneurs and creating alliance among women leaders to serve global causes.

Sky Blossoms

Sky Blossoms

Who thought that growing up behind the Iron Curtain, in a family of secret healers, would lead to becoming a #1 Bestselling and Award-winning Author. As a medically trained doctor and a 3rd generational healer, Dr. Sky Blossoms has worked with elite performers, celebrities, and prominent professionals at the top of their field to help them achieve emotional strength and heart opening.

Most people want a soul-mate, but what they really want is to stop holding themselves back, recapture their natural confidence, and be loved for who they are.

Dr. Sky is known as “Elite Relationship Expert” for helping clients all over the world to build passionate, meaningful, and lasting relationships. Her background in a medical field, two decades of studying psychology, neuroscience, and human behavior allow her to combine science and spirituality to achieve optimal and lasting results.

She believes that when your heart is open to Love, you become ultimately attractive, unapologetically authentic, and your life turns into an ecstatic stream of synchronicities.

Dr. Sky’s passion for relationships emerged out of traumatic experience of separation from her parents at the age of 11. Her character and survival skills were forged through a series of challenges that most Americans cannot even imagine. She says that a sense of humor and lightheartedness helped her through the struggle.

In the process of her own healing and consciously opening her heart to unconditional love, Dr. Sky’s unique talent was revealed. She can get to the core of the issue faster than anyone else. Clients praise her for helping them achieve more in a couple of months than 30 years of therapy. Through intricate re-wiring of neurological pathways and belief-system alignment, she helps them permanently dissolve holdbacks and tap into their hidden potential.

The name Sky Blossoms was chosen to replace a tongue-twister birth name and to represent her commitment to live boundlessly and opening ever so fully to love.

Dr. Sky has been featured on CBS Radio, Boston Business Journal, Fox News, and ABC among others.

When Dr. Sky is not consulting, speaking, or leading retreats, she can be found dancing Argentine Tango, exploring the hidden parts of the world, sailing, hiking, or soaking in a hot spring.

Discover how to be the best ever version of yourself and genuinely attract a mate who’ll treat you the way you always wanted to be treated at:
Be sure to check Dr. Sky’s new course “Effortless Relationships Blueprint”

Christine Dunn

Christine is The Lesbian Love Guru, Transformational Love Guide, and intimacy expert specializing in working with the lesbian and queer community.

After struggling for years to make her first relationship work, she decided to learn everything she possibly could about relationships, communication, intimacy, human psychology, and most importantly – loving yourself. Christine never thought her journey to create lasting love in her own life would lead her to a dramatic career change but it did. Her quest took her around the world and finally to Tony Robbin’s Namale Resort in Fiji for a Life Mastery Retreat. While attending Tony’s seminar she realized there were a lot of women just like her struggling to attract their soul mate and cultivate a deeply meaningful, passionate relationship that lasts. She decided right then and there she would take all her knowledge and put it to good use helping others.

Since 2011 she’s helped thousands of women find love and create extraordinary relationships through her videos, books, blog (, online and live workshops, and one-on-one private coaching. She’s been invited to speak on the Conscious LGBTQI Love Telesummit and Happy, Healthy Lesbian Telesummit, write for the LGBT Relationship Network and has been featured in Go Magazine, on, and on Her articles have appeared on Huffington Post Online, YourTango, and HER. In 2015 she wrote “The Lesbian Intimacy Manual: 28 Days to Deeper Intimacy & Connection” with her partner Leah Love to share the principles of Conscious Love, Sacred Sexuality, Spiritual Partnerships, and Tantra with the lesbian community.

As a Transformational Love Guide, Christine provides her clients a safe, supportive, and judgment-free space to discuss their love and relationship challenges. She leads singles through a powerful process to align them with love and attract their soul mates with ease. She helps them uncover and resolve hidden challenges that have held them back from experiencing the love they truly deserve with remarkable results. For couples experiencing a relationship challenge she supports them in quickly move from despair, frustration, anger, and overwhelm into feeling empowered with the tools they need to create the best relationship of their lives!

Christine currently lives in Austin, Texas with her partner Leah Love and two beautiful daughters. They jokingly call their household a zoo because they’re animal lovers with two dogs, two mini pigs, a lizard, a cat, and probably some chickens, bunnies, or ferrets (who knows what they’ll adopt next!). When they’re not laying in the hammock together basking in the sunshine, they’re working on bringing more love into the world. Leah is a Tantra Goddess, Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy expert who helps women reclaim their sexual prowess. Together they teach intimacy and communication for couples, Tantra, erotic empowerment, sacred sexuality, and healing through touch.

Dr. Elena Estanol

Dr. Estanol is a peak performance psychologist and Intuitive Business Mentor, passionate about helping heart-centered entrepreneurs, turn their passions into profitable and transformational businesses. She has helped thousands of clients heal their bodies, step up to bigger stages, and build 6-Figure conscious businesses.

She loves to empower & mentor coaches, therapists, healers, holistic practitioners, and creatives to rise up from their challenges, conquer their fears and live life audaciously guided by love, intuition & abundance, to become transformational leaders in our world. She passionately mentors entrepreneurs to choreograph their “soul’s dance” through conscious & profitable businesses, with ease, grace & a little “click of the heels.”

The incredible phoenix-like transformation in her own life, through divorce, an eating disorder, foreclosure, and traumatic injuries brought her back to the power of self-love and abundance. Dr. Estanol has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, a M.S. in Peak Performance & Sport Psychology, an M.F.A. in Kinesiology, Choreography and Pedagogy and a B.F.A. in teaching & dance performance. The combination of over 20 years of education, her experience and vulnerability create a deep connection that inspires her audiences & clients.

Dr. Elena guides her clients through a proven system to breakthrough internal barriers to success, reconnect with their intuition, attract ideal clients, create brilliant programs, enroll clients easily and create lasting change in the world, while making money and having fun!

Dr. Elena loves to share her wisdom through speaking, workshops, masterminds and group coaching programs. She thrives on witnessing the transformation evident through mastermind groups in elevating spirit, impact & income.

She has founded 3 different businesses:
Luminescent Life LLC (An Intuitive Prosperity & Business Coaching Practice focused on helping heart-based entrepreneurs create 6-Figure conscious businesses, while creating the life of their dreams & elevating their spirit.)
Phoenix Rising LLC- a real-estate and property management company) and
Synapse Counseling LLC (An integrative wellness & coaching practice focused on treating eating disorders, ADHD, nutrition, body image and empowerment coaching.)

Her previous publications include:
“Dance Psychology for Artistic & Performance Excellence”. (co-authored with Dr. Jim Taylor)
“The Relationship between Risk and resilience factors for eating disorders in Dancers”

Dr. Estanol is still dancing and performing as an aerial dancer, and loves to read, write, hike and do yoga. She lives in Fort Collins, CO, surrounded by loving friends, an incredible staff, and her fabulous husband and life partner, with whom she works, plays, and co-creates a fun, happy and abundant life. He is an Integrative Nutrition & Wellness Coach, and they share their home with their two (very spoiled) kitties: Romeo & Othello.

Conscious Love

#1 Amazon Bestseller in the US and
Top 100 Amazon Bestseller in 5 countries

Conscious Love Relationships On FIRE! Explore New Paradigms of Love in this Fresh, New Book with 11 Love Experts who Reveal Their Secrets to Conscious Love! What if the love that didn’t work for you was actually just the training ground for the conscious love you were really meant to have in your life? What if the heavy weight of a relationship that just isn’t working could be lifted off your shoulders forever? What if the cure to depression was as simple as passionate love-making? What if the way to connection was through conflict?

What if food, money and sex were all connected in unexpected ways? How would your life change if your dried-up old, non-existent sex life was suddenly wild, wet and rejuvenated again? What if the secret to the type of conscious relationship you’ve been waiting for all these years lay in the pages of this book … Wouldn’t you want to find out?

The system and paradigms around Intimate Relationships are changing. We are approaching a time in our history where massive changes in consciousness are challenging our visions of what is possible in relationships.

Men and Women are unsatisfied with themselves, with each other and with what they create together, and often, desperately unhappy as well. It is time for new paradigm thinking, and these soul-based experts in conscious relationships are leading the conversation. Get this paradigm shifting book and Get Ready to Open your heart, Lovingly Transform Conflict, Create a Sensual Connection with your Partner, Enjoy Sacred Sex and even Become a Power Couple!

Here’s just a sampling of our topics and experts; “Power Couples: Successful or Entrepreneurial? Learn the Secrets to Having It All – Work, Play, and Love” – Alain Torres “The Birth of the Sensual Foodist and the Kitchen Portal to Love” – Lana Baumgartner “Creating Connection through Conscious Conflict” – Deborah Morehead “50 Shades of Conscious Sexuality: The Cosmic Dance of Sex, Love, and Awakening.” – Christopher Menne “The Power of Authentic Relating”– Lucia Nicola Evans “Moving on from Love that didn’t Work Out” – Kristina Shumilova “In this Dance, Dance of Love”–Deborah Nielsen “Love, Success, and Philanthropy…You Can Have It All !!!”–Joni Young “How to Open Your Heart to True Love”- Sky Blossoms “The Quest for Conscious Love: A Lesbian Perspective” – Christine Dunn “Alchemy of Love: Find the Key to keeping your Bank Account Flowing, Your Body Glowing & Your Business Growing” – Dr. Elena Estanol “Conscious Love: Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex.

Conscious Love: Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex 11 Love Experts Reveal Their Secrets – #1 Amazon Bestseller in the US and Top 100 Amazon Bestseller in 5 countries

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What Others Are Saying

“I found something that has helped me in each chapter, however the chapter written by Christine Dunn was the MOST helpful to me personally! Love this book!!!!”

“Great book! I particularly identified with Dr. Elena Estanol’s chapter, “Alchemy of Love: Finding the Key to Keeping Your Bank Account Flowing, Your Body Glowing & Your Business Growing.”. I’ve always suspected my weight and money issues were somehow connected – now I know why!!! I’m looking to expand my business, so this is VERY timely. Thank you!”

“Innovative perspectives on all facets of love are presented by 12 different authors. From break-ups, to power couples, to lesbian love. My favorite was Dr. Elena Estanol’s chapter on self-love and the connection between food, money and business! A must read for everyone who wants to improve their relationship with food or money!”

“This is a great book from many authors on relationships. I really enjoyed reading it.”

“A great resource for anyone interested in loving more consciously. 11 great perspectives on loving more consciously.”

“Alchemy of Love chapter by Dr. Elena Estanol is Awsome – Self Love has great power”

“This book has some real gems in it. I loved seduction and communication tips from Dr. Sky Blossoms, an inspiring love story by Joni Young and many perspectives brought together by the authors. What’s great is that you can find answers to your unique situation, whether you are single and looking to open your heart to true love or to navigate a dynamic of your existing partnership, there are many practical solutions. I’m looking forward to exploring all the bonuses that authors have offered. That’s another perk. You get access to so many resources!”