“7 Profitable Reasons to Write a Book”

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Diane Currie Sam

Diane Currie Sam

Diane Currie Sam, MA (C. Psych), BSc. is an award-winning educator and business women. She is the founder/owner of Open Circles Solutions (dba “Be a Better Story”), an education and coaching company dedicated to bringing storytelling into business/marketing.

She is also an innovator in the retail products industry, having invented MoBoleez breastfeeding hats and launching them into hundreds of retail stores worldwide.

Not only is she a ‘story geek’ and well-known storyteller, she is also a self-professed “techie”, having launched her career as the founder and developer of two successful Canadian Internet/technology firms, Infinity Internet (aquired by Cyberion Networking Corp.) and Digital Ripple Services, helping clients worldwide develop profitable web sites during the heyday of the original Internet years.

She is also a family therapist and counsellor, having worked with women and families at Catholic Family Services and Fraser River Counselling Centre in British Columbia.

An engaging, award-winning course developer and adult educator, she is a former radio show host (yes, one of the “The CyberSisters” on the HomeBiz radio network) and a current mother of two. She has a Master’s Degree (MA) in counselling psychology from Trinity Western University, and a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of British Columbia.

Stop Starting at a Blank Page: How To Write A Speech That Will Change You, Change The World and Attract Clients Like Honey

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Books By Diane Currie Sam

Do you want to tell the world something and build your reputation by getting out and talking to crowds about topics you care about, inspiring action and attracting opportunities?

… but you’re staring a blank page wondering how to say what you do so your audience understands you?

In this one-of-a-kind book professional speechwriter Diane Currie Sam cracks the code on how to orchestrate and shape powerfully persuasive speeches that move people into action, and all-but-eliminate the competition!

Speaking and storytelling can be an extraordinarily powerful way to create change – when done right. This book will help you to figure out how to to share your experience and talents in a phenomenal, world changing, client gathering, personally fulfilling speech that mesmerizes your audience and moves them into action.

In a step-by-step process, you will learn how to:

Capture the audience’s attention in the first few minutes
Strategically structure and position your stories and messages for maximum impact,
Balance emotion with information
Design content that keeps the energy and engagement high and moves people into action
Easily create an outline that works
Smoothly transition between topics or move into the Sale (with ease!)
Edit and know what to leave in and what to take out for biggest impact
Overcome your inner fears about speaking and selling from stage
Get really clear on who your audience is and what they want
Balance emotion with information

… all based on proven educational theory and time tested speech writing principles!

If you want to change the world, to move from a business leader to an industry leader, to launch a career as a public speaker, if you have a message to get out in the world, this is a MUST HAVE BOOK …it really will be your secret weapon!

The future isn’t a place you go to – it’s something you invent. Your ability to invent your future depends on how well you communicate your ideas. Want things to change? Want people to act on your ideas and buy from you?

Then create a speech they’ll always remember.

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“7 Profitable Reasons to Write a Book”