“7 Profitable Reasons to Write a Book”

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Luci McMonagle

Luci McMonagle

In 2008 I faced a serious life-threatening health condition followed by a financial crisis and my life crashing. It was all so very surreal, I had my routine blood work completed and that evening I got a call from my new doctor urging me to go to the hospital immediately.

I was completely unaware that I was just 2 short weeks away from death and that going to the hospital was to receive two out of 6 different life-saving blood transfusions. From there I had to have an emergency surgery and due to complications of the doctors placing me on iron I was left with Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in my legs. Unable to walk more than a few feet, I lost my job and co-ownership as a Chief Executive Director in home health care.

This was followed by the devastation of my financial adviser not paying attention to my accounts and lost over half my life savings in just a few months.

I was crippled physically and financially before I knew it and was devastated from the aftermath. It seemed I lost everything in the blink of an eye and my life as I knew it was over. My co-ownership and job ended, my marriage dissolved and I kept getting this notion to pick up my mat and go. I felt like I had no choice but to sell my house an all my possessions so I could get by long enough to find another job. This nagging feeling kept me searching for the answers to why this all happened to me.

It was after I moved long distance several times before I started to realize that my destiny had something very different in store for me than what I could have ever planned.

This destiny has created a deep passion for me to combine my serial entrepreneurship, education and spiritual seeking into being an Abundance Breakthrough Coach with the vision of creating a tribe of wealthy women, not because money is the end all be all thing, but because I know when women have more wealthy they give back to their world, they have better choices and opportunities and they are able to make an impact on the world.

It is this vision that my destiny is leading me to and it is this vision that allows me to use public speaking as my platform to reach ambitious professional and entrepreneurial women worldwide to empower them.

My secret genius is that I learned that conscious languaging will make you wealthy or keep you poor. And by listening to you, I can give you a good sense of where you will be heading and how to change it if that is not the direction you would like to go.

Her best-selling book, Magical Money Manifestations #1 Amazon Best Seller in two categories, and International Best Seller in Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom.

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Books by Luci McMonagle

Magical Money Manifestations is a step by step owner’s manual for women who want to change their entire reality through money mindset, belief changes and specific guidance on how to go from poverty to riches. These secrets could no longer be hidden away, and after much nudging from the Universe, Luci has ensured that this knowledge reaches those that are in the most need of more confidence, more ideas for manifesting money, and who desire to create life on their own terms. It’s time to expect the world to become a playground for fun.
After living her life by design for over 20 years and seeing other movies and books that touched upon the secrets of manifestations, but didn’t give specific blueprints on “how”, Luci has revealed exactly “how” to find out what is hindering the reader from making the necessary changes to start to create a life of ease and flow.
Key Reasons to read this book:

Break through the hidden reasons you haven’t had the life that you desire
Uncover why you are in your current situation and use this roadmap to design a new life
You will finally have all of the pieces of manifestation that other books leave out! This ancient knowledge appears to be completely common, but once used in this systematic way, it will all start to make sense to you.

Regardless of your upbringing or situation, this book is your key for creating a new life that has more money, more freedom and more joys in your life.

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“7 Profitable Reasons to Write a Book”