“7 Profitable Reasons to Write a Book”

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BlissLife Press Author
Nan Akasha

Nan Akasha

Entrepreneur, author, and co-founder of BlissLife Press.

Nan Akasha is a born innovator, leading an emerging global movement with a mission to transform lives through books that raise money for charity and build a large client list and income for the author.

Committed to consciously evolve the way business is done, Nan is co-founder and creative director at BlissLife Press, an Award winning Transformational Book Publisher. Pioneering a new way to do business that makes good while doing good, BlissLife Press has created the World’s first ‘Strategic Philanthropy Book Launch”. Helping authors, creative visionaries, and Conscious Entrepreneurs to get their message out with massive impact, influence and income.

Books by Nan Akasha

Amazon Best Seller in the US

Step-by-Step I take you on an multi-sensory experience into a whole new world of “Be-ing- Love” – the Divine, Infinite, Unconditional (= always says ‘Yes!”), Powerful kind of LOVE. This is a Higher vibration of Love than you have previously experienced. It is the purest Divine Love that is the Source of all creation and prosperity – and you are going to learn to access it at a new multi-dimensional ‘Full Color Spectrum’ level. Included are multi sensory Audio and encoded energy Activations and Inner Journeys so you can be sure to shift from the inside out.

Resolve Any Relationship Issue
Release Grief, Pain and the Past
Transform any Block or Walk through any Fear
Feel Safe & Strong with your Boundaries, in any situation
Express Yourself Freely and Authentically
Dissolve “not Enoughness” & Self Esteem Shackles
Unlock Your Full Color Happiness in your 5 Key Subtle Bodies: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial and Spiritual
See, feel and finally KNOW your True Value and Evict the “Poor Girl” (Poor Guy) in your head.
Create a Sacred Space for your True Spiritual DNA to be Activated – So your Inner “Wealthy Woman/Man” can Connect & Communicate with you with ease
Activate your “Fully Funded Mission” to live the life your Soul intended
Learn to “Walk on Air” – manifest anything even if you do not know how
The “Be Love” Principles are how to INSTANTLY activate the Frequency of Divine Unconditional Love – the Source of all that is – within you. This instantly transforms the energy in you and in any situation, on the spot. This is the first vital step to communicate with your BlissField and keep or increase your positive vibration no matter what anyone else does or what is happening outside of you. This prevents procrastination, keeps your energy of attraction magnetic and raises your awareness to solutions.
The “Be Love” activations, are simple, elegant and deep and help you manifest faster, easier and with more fun. They are to be experienced, learned and used as real everyday tools to discover your prosperity and happiness that is Already there in your personal Blissfield/(infinite field of abundance). They are profoundly effective at changing your State: feelings, thoughts and vibration – in any moment so you can stay true to your path.

Most pitfalls on your path to happiness, money and freedom are straying outside your Blissfield into someone else’s limited or negative reality. The “Be Love” Instant-Shift Energy Processes clear the clouds in your vision, the clogs in your prosperity pipeline and the stuck energy in the way of you being YOU – in your Bliss-vibe – the fun one that illuminates your path to live the life your Soul intended.

In this manual for transformation you will learn to Seek Your Bliss and gracefully Accept your “Fully Funded Mission”, while releasing and freeing all others to live their path. Free your gifts, talents, greatness and vision and open the doors to a new level of joy and prosperity.

Yes! You can live your BlissLife now! Let’s go…

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#1 Amazon Best Seller in the US

THE Spiritual Money Attraction Guide. A manifestation guide for YOU, if you are ready to live your Divine purpose and allow your natural state of wealth be your reality now. Attract wealth. Learn to use your mind, direct your energy and magnetize it to you! “I have known Nan for years and thoroughly enjoyed reading “Already Rich”. Nan’s heart and sincere desire to reveal the true path to riches jumps off each page. Rich with affirmations, full of profound insights and practical strategies, this book is a gem. I highly recommend it!” Joe Vitale, author “Attractor Factor”, Star of “The Secret” Helping people regain inner peace, a sense of control and personal empowerment, this book is a path back to self confidence and joyful wealth. Stop scaring money away! Did you know you are Already rich? Indeed you are! Why? Because all possibilities exist in this very moment. The field of abundance is all around you, it is you! Tap in to it now. “Already Rich is a hypnotic, transformational experience in the disguise of a book. It transforms you on a cellular level as you read each page. Great job!” Rhonda Ryder, You will learn: * Secret Keys to Master Your Money Mind * Find your money blocks and clear them * Create a new, powerful relationship with money * The Manifestation Equation * Wealth Mindset tips * Magnetic Processes * Over 200 Magnetic Affirmations that get results * Tune in to the Field of Abundance & optimal Wealth Vibe * Install a Wealthy Mindset * The Heart Generator Process: * Manifest at a greater speed * How to Inspire Money * Create Your Own Reality NOW! And more… Book was chosen by Law of Attraction Radio Network and Hay House to be featured on a “HOT LIST” of LOA books along with Peggy McColl, Marci Shimoff and Roxanne Emmerich! “You have the depth behind your work that can motivate people” Nina Wallinder

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What Others Are Saying

For Already Rich

“As soon as I received my copy of “Already Rich – Secrets to Master you Money Mind” by Nan Akasha, I couldn’t put the book down, and read it in just a few days. As a prosperity student myself, I found the book, deep, inspiring, and thorough in the approach on how to change your mindset to attract a more prosperous life. It’s full of great stories, insights, powerful affirmations, mediations and resources to create a magnetic wealth mindset. “Wealth” begins in the mind, and Nan addresses all the issues that prevent us from attracting what we want in life. This is a very powerful book and I highly recommend everyone buy this book, and practice the exercises and affirmations to create a more prosperous life.”

“This book is so uplifting and energetic. If you like Liouse Hay, you’ll like this, however, it has its own unique contribution and vibe. I read it everyday. There are also excercises with surprising results, essentially helping you to become conscious of and change your attitudes towards money. Very powerful.”

“I think it would be impossible to read this book and not have your life transformed. Over the years, I have read hundreds of self-help books, and have benefited immensely from each and everyone of them, but somehow Nan’s book just brings it all home. I now fully understand how life works. This book is an amazing piece of work.”

“As the founder of […]. I get a lot of books across my desk asking for an endorsement. Nan Akasha’s “Secrets To Master Your Money Mind” is a book I highly endorse. I received the very first copy and dove right into it. It is exactly what people need in the current economic climate. Nothing is more important than your mindset and your money mindset influences so much of your life. This book is what’s needed by people that are struggling and stressed out about money. It has more than powerful affirmations (which it has tons of), Nan’s Manifesting Formula and meditation alone will help to identify your money blocks and gives you the tools to shift your money vibrations.”

For Be Love

“We need to keep these principles in mind every time we seem to be in an unsettling situation and also try to get our children, spouse and friends to do the same, for making themselves and also concerned others feel good, feel better.”

“Great work Nan! In this book I found shamanic-like knowledge to let go of limitations of the past and live free and powerfully.”

“Nan’s title is the most important message of our time. A beautiful, meaningful book.”

“I loved it!!! Recommend it to any one who is passionate to evolve and become all they can be. Thank you, Nan Akasha!”

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“7 Profitable Reasons to Write a Book”