“7 Profitable Reasons to Write a Book”

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Roni Diaz

Roni Diaz

I was a well known wedding planner for almost 10 years, I used to put together the most beautiful, and elegant weddings, everything was beautiful. I truly believed that I was living my ultimate calling, my true purpose of life, and I was here on this earth to help couples overcome any kind of obstacles and celebrate love, everything was around love, abundance and bringing people together.

At the same time I had this strange feeling inside of me, telling me that I had to follow my true purpose in life, I felt that weddings were getting into their final chapter in my life, it was a big surprise because all I knew so far was the weddings.

For my understanding when you do what you love to do, and do not feel like you are “working” and you enjoy everything, that is a sign that you were living your life’s purpose.
I understood that the circle was heading to an end, but I refused to let it go. How could this be happening? So many things started to go wrong, I was making mistakes I didn’t even make when I started the business, suddenly it felt like everything was upside down, I got lost in my own world, and at the same time I started feeling this tremendous calling to search for my new calling.

Upcoming Books by Roni

Conversations With The Angel Of Death/Conversaciones con el Angel de la Muerte – upcoming three book series on English and Spanish

Books by Roni Diaz

Roni is currently finishing writing her book and we look forward to publishing it later this year.

Conversations With The Angel of Death - Roni Diaz
Conversaciones con el Angel de la Muerte - Roni Diaz
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“7 Profitable Reasons to Write a Book”