Buying Fake Podcast Rankings Are Worthless

By 2018-05-17 News

Be careful of services that promise your podcast to be in the iTunes Top 10. They are probably using a click farm (robots or very low paid labor in China that just clicks on subscribe button over and over again).

Can a top 10 place on the Apple Podcast Chart be bought?

A company called Podcast Influencer promises to get your podcast into the iTunes Top 10 for $15,000 per month.

Podnews has seen multiple emails from Podcast Influencer to prospective clients. In it, the company claims to get any podcast into the iTunes Chart – and maintain position in that chart for any period of time.

So confident are the company of their ability to buy into the iTunes Charts that they offer a 48 hour money-back guarantee. Placings start at $5,000 per month for a top 50 listing in a podcast’s primary category.

The Newark OH, USA-based company claims, in emails to prospective clients, to be able to achieve this by ‘marketing to real people, who are prequalified podcast listeners’. Their website claims they have a ‘a thorough understanding of select algorithms’, and promotes its service as a way to give your podcast “the potential to access & create lucrative partnerships with some of the biggest advertisers in the world”.

Placings on Apple’s Podcast Chart can be bought

These top 10 are not based on downloads, it’s not a reflection of the podcast’s total audience. It’s not an advertising method. The company doing this places a value of $15,000 on a top 10 listing. But, it’s worthless and only good for posturing that you have a top 10 show. It’s all fake.