Buying Your Way on to a Print Best-Seller List

By 2018-05-17 News

People can fake print best selling books. It’s a practice that has been around awhile. But, now it’s getting a lot of press.

Here is a typical example.

ResultSource arranges to pre-buy 2,000 to 5,000 copies of a title in the weeks before it is launched. All those sales are recorded in Nielsen Bookscan in the first week that the title is available, so if the title in question is in one of the smaller niche markets (business books, for example) those several thousand sales can be enough to vault a book on to the best-seller lists.

Buying Your Way on to a Print Best-Seller List

Don’t do it. You’ll look fake.

Becoming a true best seller is based on how big your existing audience is.

It’s easier if it’s an Amazon Kindle book where a smaller size audience that you ask to buy your book can make your e-book an Amazon best seller.

We give our authors the step to do an Amazon Kindle Best Seller campaign but there are not guarantees because it’s based on your existing audience size, how responsive they are to your emails (open and click rates), and if they are attracted to your book (it’s something they expect from you).

Focus on building your audience and provide them with quality content.

Don’t fake it by buying your own printed book and pretending you are so happy that your fans love the book so much that they made it a New York Times best seller.