7 Real Life Profitable Results from Writing a Book & Launching it to #1 with us [Short Video]

By 2016-05-23 News

In less than 24 hours from the launch of the book, Alain signed a new client for $10,000… We launched “Conscious Love. Enlightened Relationships & Soulful Sex” and made it soar to #1 in 3 categories and Hot Releases plus it became an INTERNATIONAL Bestseller in 5 countries.
Seeking Real Life Profitable Results to grow  your business, profits and client base? This is a must watch Short video! (6 Min)

It’s our honor and our mission to serve transformational Leaders, conscious entrepreneurs, authors and lightworkers with our Conscious Book and Product launches that combine “Profitable Philanthropy” and make money for both the author and the charity at  the same time. We turn your mission into a movement and create multiple wins…

7 Real Profitable Benefits of Being a Published, Bestselling Author

  1. Instant CREDIBILITY: You are seen as an Expert without saying a word
  2. Instant INCOME & VALUE BOOST: You are now worth more – Raise Your Rates
  3. Instant CONFIDENCE: You enroll and sell with ease & Grow your Platform faster
  4. Instant VISIBILITY BOOST: You become Magnetic to Customers, JV Partners…  
  5. Instant EXPERT STATUS: You Attract Speaking & More Opportunities
  6. Instantly BE NEWSWORTHY – Media, TV, radio love you & your message spreads faster
  7. Instantly INCREASE IMPACT: You can HELP MORE PEOPLE & GIVE More to Charity (with our Profitable Philanthropy & Conscious book Launches – a conscious cause ALWAYS benefits!)

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Enjoy this video now... I want you to see how your life, income, happiness and business will change if you launch your message the right way. Your own Conscious Business Book is one of most powerful business tools you can have.

Partners in a planet of peace, prosperity and partnership –

-Nan Akasha & Christopher Sherrod Co-Founders BlissLife Press Award Winning Publishers and Launch Specialists