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We are a done for you service

By News

I’ve seen some bad press about vanity press companies lately and I agree that it’s not worth the cost. And I wanted to make sure people understand that we are not a vanity press.

I founded the company to publish me and Nan’s content and over time we have helped a few friends get their content published as well. But, BlissLife Press for clients is a done for you process. All the royalties go directly to the author because BlissLife Press isn’t the publisher. The authors are.

After going thru the publishing process with us helping as a done for you service you should be able to do it again for other future content on your own.

Everyone should have their own publishing company. You may not have a company website like I do and just have your author site, but you should have your own company and publish your own content.

Hire help as needed but think like a business owner. It’s your content.