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Start your own publishing company

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Founded BlissLife Press to publish my thing and my love Nan’s content.

Along the way we have helped a few other like-minded content creators get their content out in the world as a done for you service.

My goal was to show thru the process of helping them, understand how they can continue on their own and keep publishing their own content.

You need to think like a business owner. It’s your content. Get help to get it out but don’t rely on anyone. Take responsibility.

You are your own publishing company. You may not have a company website, you may just have your author site, but you need to think like your own publishing company.

Hire an accountant, an assistant, even marketing help, but remember it’s your content and it’s your business.

Publishing Scams advice

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BlissLife Press is just a done for you service for outside authors so I can be honest on what I’ve seen work and not work.

Some fellow authors have shared some publishing scams they have seen and I wanted to share.

Never pay for anyone to read your book, a publishing house or agent should read if interested and then tell you if they want to pursue a deal with you.

You need to be realistic about what a big publisher can do for you as well. They don’t do much. I think it’s best people start with being an independent author and once you are pretty big and proven yourself and gathered the attention of a big publishing house then can decide if their deal is good for you.

Don’t pay out of pocket for: book festivals, school visits, writers’ workshops unless you are going to get coached on how to write, any event where you have to speak except for bookstore events where they sell your book. They need to pay you for your time.

Unless you know for sure that if you pay for stage time and you can sell a high-end package from stage. I’ve done that had made six figures. But, I’ve seen many that didn’t have a clue and lost $17,000 to speak and didn’t make a single sale. Be careful if you pay to speak. I’ve seen so many scams for paying to speak, from throttling the door to your breakout session to moving your stage time to directly after a late lunch, all to make you less money and the host more money. It got so bad that I literally thought I had to show up with a lawyer and a muscle clad security guy to make sure my speaker got the negotiated time on stage. Again be very careful.

Don’t spend a lot of money on swag. Maybe $150 on bookmarks, and get like 500 of them. You won’t need more than that. Don’t buy stickers, perfumes, buttons, or anything else as they don’t convince people to buy your book or know you anymore than they will.

Paying to be considered for an award or getting into a magazine isn’t really helpful. It’s just an ego play. Paying to be in a book can be helpful. I’ve done that a few times and did get business from it, but make sure you you align with the book and fellow authors.

Being an Amazon or elsewhere best seller can help but only if you sell a high-end product from stage. Leveraging a best selling book can help get you on stage for that. But, if you don’t have experience selling from stage, again, then I would skip this and focus on marketing methods where you make money just selling your book.

Marketing methods that work change over time. What works now may not work next year so keep up to date on what is currently working.

I hope you don’t take this article as a major dream killer. I want to be honest with you because I don’t want another author talking to me how they just lost money on something that would have never worked in the first place.

Got a question for me on what or doesn’t work then ask me on Twitter.