Nan Akasha

Nan Akasha

Nan Akasha, a 28 year Entrepreneur is an international Bliss Coach, Spiritual & Energy Facilitator and High Income Hypnosis Creator, Enlightened Business Strategist and Best Selling Author of 3 Books: #1 bestseller “Already Rich – Secrets to Master Your Money Mind”, Think and Grow Rich for Women and The Way Out. Nan is known as the “Secret Weapon” for ‘flipping your switch’ and turning clarity on your purpose or what Nan calls your “fully Funded Mission” – into a Bliss lifestyle , income and business.  As a renowned success, mindset and business mentor and speaker, her x-ray vision, energy processes and Spiritual wisdom combine perfectly with her innovative strategies and translate into accelerated clarity, performance and profits. Nan has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of what’s blocking you or your organization from high velocity success.

Luci McMonagle

Luci McMonagle

I’m Luci McMonagle, Abundance Breakthrough Coach, Speaker, Radio Host, and Author. Like most women, I was stuck in a rat race vortex leaving me feeling depleted and scared about a secure future. I unable to see beyond the impoverished conditions from the broken family that I grew up in. I was destined for failure even though I knew in my heart there was a bigger purpose that I needed to pursue.

Just before the holidays on a cold raining day I finally snapped from the impoverished conditions I created as a young mother. I felt so depressed because I had to eat crackers so I could feed my son fresh vegetables. Tears stung my face as I felt ashamed with a sense of doom inside. I vowed I would find a way out of this poverty.

After that vow I was finally introduced to the concepts, trainings and mentors that I needed to break through the desperation I felt. After a few years I purchased my first house as a single women.

I have taken everything I learned, discarded what didn’t to save you months if not year and thousands of dollars. I am on a mission to empower women to break through their limiting beliefs to creating a life that makes her an abundance magnet.

Today, I am proud that I’ve made my mother’s dream come true by taking her to Jamaica for Valentine day in 2002. I can travel, live where ever I like,  and live life on my terms which means freedom to me.

My life purpose and mission is to empower 100,000 women become wealthy millionaires.I’ll be your guide to get you started on creating your magical manifestations and to empower you to be an abundance magnet.

Sharon Joseph


Sharon’s father was the center of her universe. A visionary and an inventor, he entrusted her with one of his inventions in the hope that it would one day be of use in her life. He passed away the next day and the machine went into a box like so many parts of her.

After completing college, Sharon worked with international businesses taking companies public. She served as the CFO of a public trading company and explored various other avenues of third dimensional energy movement before she settled on the type of energy exchange she truly loves!

In fact, it took Sharon three decades of exploration, self ­analysis and experience to reclaim the contents of that box her father left as well as a significant part of her own, beautiful self. In time, she made peace with her father’s death as she made peace with her deep, vibrant love of life. She reclaimed her purpose, her innate talents and gifts as well as her inherent sense of compassion for others.

Today,  Mama Sharon is a mirror for others to explore and embrace who they are, supporting them as they step into the fullness of their being. Using her astute medical intuition­ xray vision, clairvoyance, energy interpretation and healing as well as her giftmas a medium, Sharon helps people uncover and focus on what they can accomplish in any area of life, including Personal growth, health, relationships, success and career.

Sharon achieved a Bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in business as well as a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Science. She is an ordained minister. As a citizen of the world, Sharon respects all paths to the One. Her passions include animals, laughing, dancing, travel, meditation, and connecting with like­minded people. Sharon’s first book will be released next year.

Poni Summer Alvater

Poni Summer Altvater

Born gifted at the angelic time 4:44 PM her soul’s journey began…

With unusual understandings, magnificent connection Our creator, gifts of intuition,

animal and divine communication.

Declared legally blind at 17, Corrected to perfect “ Eagle eye” vision,

Life opened to an ocean of possibilities.

Child of bitter, heartbreaking divorce, a broken family, losing her beloved ranch changed her.

Heartbroken, blaming herself for failing to keep her family together.

PONI SUMMER ALTVATER uniquely shines as an example of angelic fortitude and overcoming adversity throughout life.

Her radiating LOVE captivates souls and she celebrates her God given gifts of Energetic awareness, profound wisdom, extreme compassion and high level intuition.

Her assignment of ”Earth Angel” has illuminated her path, as she embraces this high calling to inspire and empower as  “The Tigress of The LIGHT!”

She and “IRON T”, husband, collaborator and wildly talented musical creationist,

Passionately partnered to create and enjoy success beyond Earthly measure. Investing 20 epic years of Leading people to examine their inner souls while coaching them to excellence in the traditional fields of sales, marketing and team building while raising two gorgeous, successful daughters and grateful pets.

Diving full force into angelic and divinely inspired adventures she’s passionately leading others to embrace their full experience, inspiring and connecting their souls with the highest energetic possibilities of Heaven on Earth. She loved her grandmother beyond words,

When she transitioned, she hit the ravaging blows of insurmountable Grief personally, simultaneously experiencing kundalini growth, the highest magnitude and contrast possible.

She is known for her captivating energy, unbridled enthusiasm and never give up attitude, a brightly shining lighthouse at sea.

A true modern day Mystic, she Celebrates her personal journey while relaying her fascinating communications straight from source Energy(God) and her loving late Grandmother faithfully reaching back from far beyond the next world to direct her life path forward.

Reminding her Love of this type knows no boundaries from this life to the next.

And tugging her out of battleground against grief, the most dangerous place to languish.

Directing hundreds of glittering, dazzling and inspirational dragonflies to lock eyes with me,

Each delivering their steadfast message of hope and and things still possible.

Seemingly consigned as a communicator between these two interconnected realms of light

Poni continues to cherish and explore these unexpected and Magical gifts that resonate and recharge her so beautifully.

She appreciates the honor of sharing these Valuable, healing, encompassing and mystifying connections and “downloads” part of the majestic calling that compliments her vision, sweetly fulfilling

And electrifying her soul’s inner fire.

Lori Wada

Lori Wada

Lori Wada, moves with the lunar cycles and the mystical labyrinth of life, to express her writing and art. As a Certified ARTbundance Coach and Practitioner, her current focus is to establish The Bridge of Dreams Foundation; a Creative Learning Center, based on the Heart Wisdom of Mother Earth.

Joia Jitahidi

Joia Jitahidi

”Suddenly they were here.  I could feel them all around.  They were many but I heard them as one. It felt like the realm of Angels, but it was different, a subtle vibrational difference.  Angels, but not Angels.  I could feel my heart opening as if the sun had burst from behind a cloud—full, bright and warm. It felt like a rainbow pouring into my heart, my mind, and my whole body was flooded with JOY. Who are you? I felt the question instead of speaking it.   “We are Muses”, I heard.  And through that special awakening to the Muses, I became the founder and creator of I am an inspiration mentor to visionary entrepreneurs. Because of this experience and my work in the world, I have been called by my clients — the Queen of Inspiration.   My career and life came to a halt during a near death experience which became the catalyst to my deeper spiritual awakening. I made a conscious choice to come back and follow my calling. On a pivotal day, one of my clients called “me” their “muse.” I could feel destiny’s hand in my client’s words and made the conscious choice to dive into the great mystery of divine inspiration.  You just heard what that awakening was like for me. From there I noticed a shift in my coaching, I helped my clients make seemingly impossible leaps into their dream jobs and lives. Now I bring divine inspiration and the miraculous into the lives and businesses of people all over the world. I call it Miraculous Living.

Debora Seidman

Debora Seidman

Picture this:  you’re walking along the edge of a river, in silence, your pen and notebook in your hand.  You listen to the sound of the water.  A hawk flies so close you can hear its wings.

You find a sun warmed rock and sit down to write.  Your words flow as freely as the river.

This is one of my favorite ways to teach writing: outside, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.  But even on a phone session with a student across the country, I invite the earth into the creative process.  I also invite the body’s wisdom, and the sacred presence of the soul.

When those elements are present, your voice flows with clarity, strength and brilliance.

I’m an award-winning playwright and an experienced writing coach and teacher.

For over twenty years I’ve been leading body-centered, spirit-based writing workshops that help my students source their creative expression in a deep connection with  their own body, the Earth and the Sacred.

If you’re called to write, you’re meant to write.  If you need to find words for your creative vision, or to express the heart of your visionary business, the words you seek are waiting to find you.

But it’s easy to get scared, stuck, or bogged down by the negative voices inside that tell us we’re not good enough to write.

That’s why I emphasize a holistic approach to writing.  Creativity is your birthright, but most of us were never taught how to live as free creative souls.  I care deeply about helping writers have a healthy relationship with writing.  Whether I’m helping you finish your memoir or craft your first blog, I teach a program of Radical Self Care as part of the writing process.

Through the practices of Radical Self Care, writers learn to care for their own sensitive, creative souls in a way that allows their writing to flourish.

I’ve been a student of the body mind for many years, and my studies of sound healing, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, and much more inform my

writing practice and teaching.  I have an MFA in

Playwriting and have been trained by Amherst Writers and Artists to lead writing workshops.  My award winning    plays have been  produced in NYC, Northampton, MA, Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico.   My work as a writing teacher for women trauma survivors has been supported by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities and the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts.

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and lived for many years in Western Massachusetts.  I currently make my home in Taos, New Mexico, where the light provides a never ending source of inspiration.

My soon to be published book,  Writing The Prayer of Your Life, tells the story of how writing became my medicine, and the process by which I teach others to have a sacred relationship with their own writing.

Contact me @  Learn more about Blogging Your Vision into the World and The Writer’s Sanctuary for Support and Accountability.

Angel Fullerton

Angel Fullerton

As an Essence Life Coach, I assist clients in finding a deeper understanding of the Self and developing aspects of the Self that are inherent but hidden in shadow. I strive to empower those with limited resources to master everyday problems through creative solutions using intuition and inspiration. A by-product of this is learning to take responsibility for the Self and life. With over 17 years experience in divination and oracle cards, I have a penchant for communicating with the Universe via Mother Nature and signs in the environment. I am also co-founder and Board Chair of the nonprofit Dragonflies Spiritual Center, whose mission is to create an environment conducive to the expansion of consciousness.

Websites: and

Facebook: and

Julie K. Ling

Julie K. Ling

Julie Ling is a Singing Bowl, a Sacred Vessel, Empty and Soul-Full.

She resonates so powerfully that she embodies the story she is telling (whether with words, music, movement, or color –) Julie Speaks Mystery and Magic, telling stories that transcend words

Her last name in Chinese means the sounding of a bell ‘linnnng, linnnnnng’ as well as soul or spirit her Presence is magic.

Guiding people on journeys from which everyone returns transformed

Tuning others in and up to the Magic and Mystery of even more of who they really are.

Through stories and poems, speaking, singing and music, activations and attunements, guided journeys and fused glass art she has empowered and inspired others around the world to expand and embody more of who they are to choose the stories they tell themselves and others to choose to embody more of the very heaven they themselves have brought to this sweet wild sacred earth

She grew up in the green Willamette Valley of Oregon and lives in wooded Washington State, near the fingertips of the Puget Sound

She moves now as much as possible into the State of Grace —

Come journey with her there

Victoria E Armstrong

Victoria Armstrong

Victoria first became interested in mind tools and the power of the mind at the age of 16, when she discovered mind maps. Through the use of mind maps, Victoria says she would have otherwise struggled to pass her GCSE’s, A-Levels and university exams.

At university she was intrigued by the internet and online marketing. After leaving university, she set up her own Internet Marketing Consultancy and for 7 years, she learnt how to match technology to business systems and processes.

During this time she started to attend personal development and coaching courses. This led to the discovery of the Japanese healing modality reiki. After attending a Tony Robbins course in London and walking on hot coals, Victoria realised the mind was like a computer, in that it can be programmed to help us or hinder us. It all comes down to how we use it. She used her own knowledge to heal herself when doctors said she had premature menopause and would probably need a hysterectomy at the age of 34. A year later Victoria returned to them and they confirmed that everything was in good working order.

This led Victoria on to gain a coaching qualification and to complete a NLP practitioner course. She then started to work as a life coach focusing specifically on emotional balance and intelligence. Through the study of laughter with laughter yoga and stand up comedy, she has now come to understand creative intelligence ie. how the mind can be developed to produce creativity on an ongoing basis.

From this Victoria has developed her own mind tools to work at 4 levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She used them at a physical level to overcome her fear of deep water and learn to swim at the age of 36.  She then ran the Berlin Marathon in 2015. She completed it after 9 months training with very little previous running experience.

Terrea Lynn Hendrickson

Terrea Lynn Hendrickson

My name is Terrea Lynn and I call Kenora home – a truly beautiful community sitting on Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario.  Around 2001 I received one of those 2×4 across the forehead moments.  The ‘missing link’ – the emptiness I had inside – had absolutely nothing to do with anyone or anything outside of ME.  DARN – so all those times that I’d heard it was an inside job – it REALLY was!  And my ‘journey’ to the elusive happiness began.  And what a fabulous journey it has been!

My many ‘jobs’ did serve me well – allowing me to experience the ‘logical, facts’ part of me.   Buy OH MY – the Energy field woke something up, and there was no stopping me.  Let me just say that I am the perfect example of ‘old dogs ABSOLUTELY being taught new tricks’!  Fortunately, I had very supportive and loving sisters who were doing their own seeking.  Lots of ‘work’ later – which came with many ups and downs, tears, questions, and wanting to give up – I love this place I’m in – I love who I am becoming, and I love helping others remember their self-love.

I now know it took as long as it was supposed to and everything was Divinely guided. After dabbling in many different Modalities, the tools I’ve chosen to share with others are the same tools that helped me come from a place of sadness and low self-esteem to a place of self-love and acceptance of who I am, as well as a pretty darn good manifestor!  I have discovered and experienced the benefits of both Meridian Tapping and The Law of Attraction, and finally have been able to step into who-I-truly-am as I pursue my Heart-Centered Living.

Raquel Reyna

Raquel Reyna

Raquel Reyna, your spiritualized biz coach and founder of the Revolutionary Spiritualized Launch Vision, advises conscious entrepreneurs on how to dive inside their genetic material to fully awaken their inner brilliance.

If you are heart centered in your mission and want to take the inner journey to transform your outer business, Raquel is renowned for taking her clients through the mystical journey of unleashing their soul’s potential while launching their businesses.

Raquel uses the system of Human Design to deep dive into her client’s’ inner genetic blueprint, allowing their message to represent their true life’s work and purpose and creating a journey nothing short of the ancient mystery schools.  It is much more than just making money, Raquel leads her clients on the inspiring, mystical journey of online business transformational magic.


Raquel Reyna

Nini Rezai

I coach women and men through the difficult experience of divorce, guiding people from Hurt to Harmony. I help to move them out of the place of confusion & not knowing what is next to feeling freedom, empowerment and peace.

My name is Nini Rezai, I am a divorce coach and how I got here is that I was married for 25 years and while I was in it, I studied psychology and I thought that I wanted to be a therapist, but one day I quit because I knew I had to give up so much, since I had two little kids and in order for me to be a very devoted student, I had to take away time from my children so I took the path of being the best mother I could be.

After that I signed up in college for a degree in Interior design and I can say that was the most enjoyable studying I have ever done, other than studying for the art institute when I was very young. I got a degree in interior design and I worked in that field for a while but I realized what I liked about this field was to create beauty in any environment, to change the ugly to beautiful!!

Studying and practicing it was way more fun to be involved in it as business because I found so many things that were not so beautiful, which was backstabbing and extreme amount of competition.

After my divorce my soul was seeking something bigger than me and I knew that was coaching, so coaching came my way and became my mission, my purpose in life and I am very good at it.

The reason is that I have lived the life that I am talking about, I know how to help people who are suffering because I have been there.

Everything in this life is possible especially feeling good every day of your life, it is just about learning the tool.


Chrissy Cook

After living a life filled with trauma, abuse, addiction and dysfunction, Chrissy made a conscious, high vibrational decision to allow this lifetime to be the big bang, the spark, that would transmute and transform her. When Chrissy became awakened to and aware of certain profound, Universal Truths, she was finally liberated from suffering! She realized that all of her denser, darker experiences were great gifts, catalysts that had set her free! With assistance from her Celestial Support Team, Chrissy went through a Hermetic Metamorphosis, utilizing Divine Love Alchemy. Having rediscovered Ancient Wisdom and remembering Sacred Truths, Chrissy took action, compelled to uplift All of Humanity with her knowing. She took flight, soaring off on a Mystic’s Journey around North America and throughout the Cosmos… adventure that continues today.

As a Modern Mystic and Divine Love Alchemist, Chrissy is a Catalyst for Transformation and Transmutation, accompanying others on their own Mystic’s Journey, shifting and transforming negative energy into peace, love and harmony. Chrissy helps people to become aware of the vibrational density that is blocking their own receiving and preventing them from manifesting their heart’s desire. Chrissy supports those who connect with her, so they can shift their energy, raise their vibration to resonate with more, and create the life of their dreams.

Chrissy is physically located in the United States, but she Serves the Cosmos! Chrissy grew up in New York, but has spent most of her adult life in Maine with her son, Dakota. Chrissy holds a dual B.A. Degree in English Literature and Studio/Fine Arts, and has been a certified K-12 Art Teacher since 1989. She is writing several books that bridge Science and Spirituality.


Jayne Sanders

Jayne Sanders

I was one of these people I describe. I had the world by the tail, so it seemed. An MBA, corporate background, financial success…a good life.

But I was bored, unfulfilled, and I knew I was supposed to be doing something else, something more meaningful, but I had no idea what. Career counselors didn’t help, books, other coaches, meditation, being a good person…AACCKKKK! I was so confused and stuck!

I had gone from sales and marketing in a big corporation, to Senior VP of Sales and Account Service for an international graphic design/corporate identity firm, to having my own professional speaking business with clients in the Fortune 500. The latter career lasted the longest, almost 15 years, before I grew unhappy and bored. Oh no! I hit the wall again.

But I didn’t know what else to do, so I kept speaking and training. As my heart pulled away from the business, so did the revenue. I watched it decline as I tried to figure out what I really wanted to be when I grew up. It was just about gone when both of my parents passed away, merely 3 months apart. That was the wake-up call of a lifetime.

You see, I believe that God, Spirit, Source, The Universe – whatever your term of choice – will light a match under our butt when we’re not living on purpose and using our special gifts to make the difference in the world we are meant to make. We won’t take action, or ask for help, until things get really uncomfortable…until that heat starts to hurt. Many time one match, or wake-up call, isn’t enough, so He lights another, then another.

I have had many matches under my butt over my lifetime, and they hurt! But obviously not enough for me to drop everything and ask for help. I had to stop trying to figure it out myself. What a concept…when you’re stuck, ask for help! Duh!

I literally sat at my computer and searched “life purpose.” I knew that’s what I was missing. I believed everyone has one, uniquely to them, and I had no idea what mine was. “Helping people” was not specific enough for me, and isn’t for most. I found and read books, toyed with a few ideas, worked with a purpose coach…nothing helped.

Then I ran across a teleseminar that promoted “discover your innate life purpose!” Wow that was for me! Then I saw “hand analysis”, and my heart fell. I had already worked with a palm-reader, a good one, but the information was not specific enough. I had also tried numerology, astrology, psychic counselors, traditional counselors, and on and on. I believe in all of it, and all were helpful. But for me, not helpful enough.

Then I saw the word “scientific,” and that appeased my anal MBA corporate skepticism. I read about it and it made sense to me. “Sign me up!” I thought. Then I remembered I was broke and in debt. I seriously waffled until it hit me…I could stay broke and in debt and keep trying to figure it out myself. Or, I could ask for help, make this investment in myself and my future, and go for it. Intuitively, I knew it would make a big difference for me.

So, I got a hand analysis and was inspired from that very day forward. I was blown away by the accuracy and resonance of the information, even the parts I had never thought about before. I just knew it was right. I took action, and my life changed in such a positive way. Finally! WOO-HOO!


Morganne Tree Newson

Morganne Tree Newson

Morganne Tree Newson is a Costume Designer for Film, Television & Theater.

She has designed / styled Costumes from Ancient Prehistory to a Futuristic  2040.

She has dressed many of our famous & beloved  celebrity actors in various productions.

She is Owner / Designer of M-Muse for Custom Design and Limited Edition Collections.

Most days she is in her Sausalito CA studio “Courting the Muse” at the “Table of Truth” where inspiration is translated into form by drawing,   pattern making & fabric cutting.

This cut & often dyed and / or painted fabric is then made into clothing that is designed to  uplift and elevate the fortunate wearer into a new expanded level of experience.

As Morganne is immersed in the Arts of Costume and Clothing she is fascinated by the Magic that can appear on the inside when we change our outer “skin”. Carnival was instigated to provide a day for people to dress as their fantasy  so they could be their ideal vision  for a day.  Perhaps we would flourish with more “Carnival” days?

The commitment to joining and inspiring others as we all journey through the transition to a New Way of Being is Morganne’s Life Mission.


Debra Graugnard

Debra Mastura Graugnard

Debra Graugnard is probably the most logical woo-woo foo-foo person you’ll ever meet.  She takes the esoteric topic of spiritual healing and puts it into common sense language that anyone can understand.

Coming from a background in mathematics and computer science, when her body was struck with physical illness, the medical approach she was offered just did not make sense.  This led her to seek answers for herself.

She found healing from hypoglycemia, fibrocystic disease and ulcerative colitis through cleansing her body, changing her diet and relaxing her whole outlook on life.  The conscious choices led to the unexpected side effects of mental clarity, increased energy, a sense of connection with a force outside of herself and an expansion in consciousness.

Eventually, a spontaneous spiritual awakening led her to study with a spiritual teacher, a master of Sufism, who guided her to a life beyond what she ever could have imagined possible.

Completely healed of disease for more than 25 years, she now helps people heal their bodies of the effects of stress and what many say is the underlying cause of all dis-ease – the perception of being separate from divine love.

Debra is excited to share this 2-week journey with you, to help you heal whatever ails you and return to the truth of what you are – the essence of divine love.


Chris Sherrod

Christopher Sherrod is a best selling author, reporter, and is also a co-owner in two companies, including his publishing company BlissLife Press.

Both his published book are best sellers.

  1. How To Create New Business Ideas Based On What You Love
  2. Podcasting Blueprint: Step By Step Guide To A Winning Money Making Podcast From Microphone To Marketing – #1 best seller

And he’s been in 5 other best selling books:

  1. Wrote the foreword to Kent Sherrod’s book Parenting With Love
  2.  Greg S. Reid’s The Way Out
  3. Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits
  4. Joe Vitale’s Expect Miracles
  5. David Mathison’s Be The Media

Christopher has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox Small Business, CNN radio, and many newspapers and radio shows.

  • His clients pay between $5000 and $25000 for author and business advice.
  • Helped launch American Express on the Internet in the mid 90’s
  • Has launched hundreds of products since the mid 90’s
  • Produces music for fun thru his artist name Chr1stopher.
  • Lives in San Diego with his long time partner Nan and enjoys sunset walks on the beach.


Adi Kanda


AdiKanda is an intuitive artist working with interdimensional communications from a realm of higher wisdom. A published novelist, poet, playwright, songwriter, practitioner of cellular healing and mother of three, she holds eighteen years experience in profound energy work, releasing karmic patterns at a cellular level. Her work transmits a vibration of unconditional love to participants, releasing fear-based blocked energy and inviting powerful shifts of awareness. Arising from a spontaneous intuitive awakening in January 2000, her spontaneous writings from an Alpha sleep state emerged into conscious transmissions in the forms of poetry, spoken readings, meditations and song, numbering in the thousands for clients worldwide.

Through her KORE PROCESS work she supports clients in identifying and releasing the primary fears that have manifested in resistance, inertia, repetition of trauma and any limitations that stand in the way of an empowered and meaningful life. This potent modality offers freedom from habitual and unconscious experiences, stress, depression, health and relationship issues, and emotional pain such as rage and grief. Many clients describe KORE READINGS as life changing and liberating beyond any modality they have experienced before.

Author of the DEAR ADI blog, founder of the FEARLESS PROGRAM and initiator of the WORLD WITHOUT FEAR FOUNDATION