Thoth Book Of Magic

Here are the links to each of the bonuses from the authors

Luci McMonagle

How to get what you want with tremendously powerful goals

Sharon Joseph

A Theta mode Mini Manifestation Manual

Poni Summer Altvater

Awakening your angelic interludes in the new year

Lori Wada

A Rainbow Light Message from Thoth

Joia Jitahidi

To manifest we must first have INTENTION… your rebook present is to meet:  Sonata the Muse of Intention

Debora Seidman

Writing the Prayer of Your Life

Victoria Armstrong

From Powerless to Powerful – Achieve that life changing goal in 21 days

Terrea Lynn Hendrickson

Preparing to Manifest – Removing low vibrational doubt

Raquel Reyna

Decode your Design:

What is Human Design and how does it affect your life and business?

Nini Rezai

“The Pledge”

Jayne Sanders

Introduction to Gift Markings in the Hands


Trust and the Oncoming Truck