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By 2018-04-24 News

Are you marketing to find clients on the wrong platform or using outdated or ineffective techniques?

I get so frustrated when I see entrepreneurs struggling in business. It’s almost always because they don’t have enough business. And after a short talk it’s almost always that they don’t have nearly enough qualified leads or they have nothing solid to market.

Generate Leads

But qualified leads is everything.

And right after having something to sell which we help our authors create when we help publish their book, people need qualified leads.

Having an expert book helps getting those qualified leads because you’ve shown that you know you’re stuff and have consolidated it down to a book.

Now you need to get qualified leads so you can do you’re thing.

With qualified leads you can learn how to sell, make money and get more leads and rinse and repeat.

With enough qualified leads you can quickly learn how to sell.

And there is plenty of stuff to sell, whether you create it or you sell someone’s else stuff.

It always comes down to not having enough qualified leads.

That should be your #1 focus for your business. Qualified leads to find your ideal clients.

After decades in marketing, I really want to end the confusion of getting clients reliably.

Do you want to know how to find the optimal audience for your services?

Good! You are in the right place…

I focused strictly on marketing online.

I am in control, no overpriced stage fees, no affiliates who barely care, no travel expenses, no uncertainty of the quality or attendance of the event…

Now I invest my time and money in building marketing that gives me valuable information I can use to improve my offer to match my ideal clients and will be a reliable source of income.

All marketing is test and tweak. Anyone who sells you otherwise, is lying or clueless.

Invest in building a lead generation system that is building a foundation for long term growth.


No egos, no mood swings, no depending on someone else… No ties…

You can find your ideal clients on LinkedIn and connect with them. With the right strategy and approach you can simply connect to the right person and get them into a conversation on how you can help them. Or start a industry LinkedIn group and connect.

For some clients Instagram is better, especially if you are not a Business To Business type of business. If your business can be convey in photos easily then Instagram is an option you should look at.

And the for some clients running a Facebook book or webinar funnel is really good as you can target your ideal client and get them to purchase a low cost $7 item and then progress them up with an upsell or two, invite them to a webinar and offer them a high-ticket item.

Emailing people directly.

I sold a PR package to realtors in San Diego by emailing each realtor directly and got them in a conversation. The bigger profile realtors like what we talked about and some of them hired me.

It was easy.

And it didn’t require me having to pay a huge speaking fee at some event. Just the costs of my team to create all the copy and setup the system to do all this in great number. I then talk to them over the phone and sold them the package.

You can do the same thing.

I’ve helped people figure out their ideal client and developed strategies to approach them directly.

And I would like to help you too.

We define your ideal client in a practical and applicable way, to get your trackable data.

Let’s see if we can help you by creating and managing your targeted marketing funnels online everyday.  

We find the right platforms (not all are good for every niche) for you.

This is done for you, and some with you. In the end the goal is you, the expert, do your thing and write what your ideal clients wants and I get it out there.

Let’s talk about getting you qualified leads.